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Walcar Seord
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild undisclosed
Instance Prime

--Walcar 04:36, 22 November 2010 (UTC)


Name: Walcar Seord
Location:Dark Hand
Current Age: 87 (Wizened)

He was born on the 6th day of the 10th month of Nissa the Maiden in the year of the Silver Unicorn, 329 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.


You see Deadly Shadow Walcar Seord, a Human.
A length of pitch-black nightsilk beaded with lustrous idopun pearls is folded to obscure Walcar's face, hiding all but a narrow strip of pale skin around his eyes.
He is tall for a Human. He has an emaciated build.

  • Dark Lord of House Seord*


To understand and realize the world that Walcar has come from two stories need be told. One of history the other of truth.

Life begins, much like it does for any other mortal. A brightly lit evening, family and friends gathering to await the arrival to new life. Empaths rush bringing water and herbs. A mother calmly gives life to her new son... "Walcar, yes that is the name for honor, the name for justice." Syance was her name, a true empath, layed in admiration at the new joy and life given to her by the Gods. No father to be known to her for this life was pure, was a true gift of the Gods.

A childhood devoted to the work of the Gods, a duty to life, a honor in being chosen for the great calling of the Paladin. Long, selfless journey has come to this young man. Very similar to any Paladin's training. Strict training of the shield, the armor and the soul. All of which best to serve and protect the life and the Gods. A pilgrimage will soon question his devotion and awaken the truth, which has always been inside of him.

At the just age of sixteen he was ordered north on a divine quest given solely to him by the Guildleader Beren. A vague order more of a request. Seek enlightenment with a book... harmless at the time but that order soon becomes a pivotal event in his young life. Upon arrival to the land in the North hes greeted by a young curly haired man. He befriends this man, and shortly after accepted a squireship for this man is a reknowned knight. Luck has finally come to Walcar. He dreams of the great knowledge this knight can teach him, the techniques of defense and combats. Soon he realizes, even thou this knight is a expert of everything, there is nothing he can teach. Time drags on more knights, more disappointment. "Truely, is there nothing more to learn?" That is when he remembers his mission... find the book.

Night into day, days into weeks but still no book. He seeks out his mentor, always found hunting gypsies. There they train, they talk, they kill. A passing thought is spoken by the mentor. "Have you looked in old Keep library?" This is the idea that was needed, rushing for the Keep and for new knowledge. Inside a dark, seldom used door he finds the book he was looking for "The Great Holy Work". Thoughts race around him mind as he reads... "This truely is the way!" "Why do they cover it up?". As he closes the Book a lightning bolt strikes from nowhere. A second bolt strikes again piercing his soul. The gods speak of redemption, repentance. "Punishing for knowledge, punishing for truth" he thought, "They shall not nor deserve my prayer". He quickly exits the Keep with the Book securely tucked under his arm.

Years later, still more knowledge he seeks within and learns using the book. What others may call corruption, blasphemy and heretic ways; he calls his knowledge and understanding of the Great Holy Work.

A New Path

A family reaches out for help...
The children of Seord seek out someone to help save their father from the darkness that has consumed him. With great fortitude the great Lord Sebestyen answers their request. With the blessing of the Guild and that of the Temple Sebestyen and his knights venture forth to stop the Palamancer from completing his work.
Rumor spreads across the lands of abductions from the Empaths and the murder of Paladins in the streets. Some report of horrible rituals by the hands of the fallen one. The shadows whisper comfort to those that feared for their souls. The sky parts and lightning strikes at him, unphased he delves further into darkness. One last part to complete he heads for Therenborough. The knights of House Giraud march to put an end to the blaspheme.
The streets run red with the blood of brave knights. With a mighty swing Lord Sebestyen removes the corruption allowing the others to subdue the dark one. With the High Clerics of the Inquisition looking on the taint and corruption is cleansed from his body, soul and mind. The markings of the pain hes caused are layed upon his skin for all those to see. With their deed done the knights depart. The book secured to be destroyed by the gods... wait... wheres the book?
Whispers across the winds speak of a great darkness pouring into the Temple and carrying the book away to its true home.