Chop command

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Combat command to do damage to your oppenent with a weapon in-hand. Can be used as a specific maneuver in attack combos.


  • CHOP (target) (body part)
  • CHOP LEFT (target) (body part)

Detailed Information

Chop is a damage dealing maneuver.
Chop tends to be a extremely fatiguing maneuver. Attacking again too soon can make this worse.
Chop tends to be unbalancing.
Chop is a slow maneuver, but heavy or unbalanced weapons can slow the attack further.
Chop is more accurate than most maneuvers, and is best suited for slice weapons and least suited for puncture weapons.
Chop temporarily penalizes all defenses, but is equally suited to both evasion and parry defenses and least suited to shield defenses.