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Typically a marsh tree, durians grow tall but have relatively thin trunks. This tree is perhaps most well known for its fruit -- a round, prickly, melon-sized fruit called, aptly enough, a durian fruit. The fruit has a very strong smell, and a taste that some people find pleasant and others find highly unpleasant. Durian can be found in tropical groves.

Durian wood planes to a smooth finish and is reddish brown.

This material must be provided for alterations.

Crafting Properties

Hardness Durability Workability Stiffness Physical Shortbow
Composite Bow
Capacity Density Value
85 50 55 10 80 80 10 20 10 4.5 272
272 Kronars
217.6 Lirums
196.275 Dokoras
0.272 LTBpoints
0.272 Tickets


ItemSource isRare item
Carved durian shaman's drum adorned with Taisidonian pearlsPerfect Percussion (3)true
Durian conquest wheelBasket of colored dartsDarkbox 414 prizesDrathrok's Duskruin 419/Incidental lootMegaSafari 413 game prizestrue
Durian drum stickPerfect Percussion (3)true
Durian-handled skinning knifeTreasure Creaturetrue
Heavy durian cane reinforced with cambrinth-studded steel bandsTreasure Creaturetrue
Metal war hammer with a cracked durian haftTreasure Creaturetrue
Shadowy steel battle axe shaped like an umbral moth in flightSquat Bungalow (2)true
Simple durian token painted with a desumos cubDarkbox 420 Prizestrue
Simple durian token painted with a maned desumosDarkbox 412 prizesDarkbox 420 Prizestrue
Simple durian token painted with a stylized forest drakeDarkbox 412 prizesDarkbox 420 Prizestrue
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