Osmandikar's Crafts and Repairs

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Osmandikar's Crafts and Repairs
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Fang Cove
Map Ranik's Map 150
Owner Osmandikar
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops, Repair shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Osmandikar's Crafts and Repair, Showroom]
Shattered stalks of bamboo, semi-dry mud from sand, and large sheafs of tattered tropical leaves form the majority of the crudely crafted hut. A wide cloth spans the width of the room from the northeastern corner to the southwestern one, though a large hole directly above the counter has formed. Gazing up through the hole in the cloth, you take note that a similarly sized hole resides in the hut's roof at the same location. You also see Blacksmith Osmandikar, a bucket of viscous gloop and a sturdy bamboo counter with several things on it.

On the bamboo counter
Item Price Done
dull brass knuckles 775   
discolored spear 992   !!
tarnished short sword 992   !!
dinged bludgeon 992   !!
salt-stained quarter staff 1,353   !!
nicked war hammer 856   !!
chipped battle axe 1,127   !!
crimson war mattock 1,375   !!
dented cudgel 1,104   !!
oak-handled maul 1,488   !!
grimy flail 1,375   !!
scratched mace 1,195   !!