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The Knob
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Fang Cove
Map Ranik's Map 150
# of Rooms 7
Store Type Housing shops, Estate Holder shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Dokoras

Found in Fang Cove. Stores at Fang Cove rotate, so not always available.


[The Knob, Beds Galore]
Tapestries in vivid colors enclose this room, which is filled with beds of varying sizes. Plants accent the different bed groupings, some trailing leaves against their soft bedding while others are dwarfed by massive carved bedposts. You also see a tent flap and a helpful clerk.
Obvious exits: north.

Item Price Done
an elegant cherrywood bed - [bed] 400,000   !!
a claw-footed mahogany bed - [bed] 400,000   !!
a red curtained ironwood bed - [bed] 400,000   !!
a massive black oak canopy bed - [bed] 400,000   !!
a carved chestnut sleigh bed - [bed] 200,000   !!
a polished hickory sleigh bed - [bed] 200,000   !!
a bird-carved rowan wood bed - [bed] 400,000   !!
an ebonwood canopy bed - [bed] 200,000   !!

Couches and Chairs

[The Knob, Couches and Chairs]
Plump couches and elegant chairs are arrayed against a backdrop of colorful tapestries. Plants placed around the room accent the furniture groupings and provide contrast to the bright tapestry walls. You also see a helpful clerk.
Obvious exits: east, south, west.

Item Price Done
an elegant ivory velvet settee - [bed] 200,000   !!
a rich black cashmere sofa - [bed] 200,000   DG
a carved dark ironwood chair - (set of 4) 200,000   !!
a dark red velvet armchair - (set of 4) 200,000   DG
a plump black velvet couch - [bed] 200,000   !!
a rich black cashmere armchair - (set of 4) 200,000   !!
an embroidered golden silk chair - (set of 4) 200,000   !!
a carved dark ironwood bench - [bed] 100,000   !!

Desks and Tables

[The Knob, Desks and Tables]
Desks in various shapes and sizes are scattered across this cozy room. Some are accented with flowering plants while others are draped in dark green ivy. A helpful clerk smiles gaily at all who enter, ready to lend a hand on purchasing the exquisite pieces.
Obvious exits: west.

Item Price Done
a pale ivory rowan wood table - [table] 600,000   !!
a carved crystal rose vanity - [table] 600,000   !!
a heavy mahogany desk - [table] 400,000   !!
a frosted glass table - [table] 400,000   !!
a black willow wood vanity - [table] 1,000,000   !!
a deep green marble table - [table] 400,000   !!
a carved dark oak desk - [table] 200,000   !!
an ornate golden oak desk - [table] 200,000   !!

Wall Accents

[The Knob, Wall Accents]
Artful designs decorate the walls of this small room, its interior lit with bright crystal sconces. Plants in various sizes accent dark ironwood tables that hold different wall items for sale. You also see a helpful clerk.
Obvious exits: east.

Item Price Done
a pair of dark crystal sconces shaped like budding roses - [wall hanging] 100,000   !!
a rough carved stone fireplace - [fire] 300,000   !!
a darkened oak mantel fireplace - [fire] 200,000   !!
a white pillared marble fireplace - [fire] 400,000   !!
an elaborately carved marble fireplace - [fire] 400,000   !!
a fragile crystal-framed painting in shades of rose and green - [wall hanging] 200,000   !!
a huge tapestry framed with dark green braiding - [wall hanging] 200,000   !!
an elaborate tapestry in various shades of gold - [wall hanging] 200,000   !!