Seasoned Dressings

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Seasoned Dressings
Province Ilithi
Town Fang Cove
Map Ranik's Map 150
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Estate Holder shops, Clothing shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Dokoras

Found in Fang Cove. Stores at Fang Cove rotate, so not always available.

[Seasoned Dressings, Foyer]
Piles of cushions sewn of brocades are gathered around a low ebony table. An arch leads to the back of the caravan. A screen separates this room from the room nearby. You also see the caravan door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the ebony table
Item Price Done
open coconut brimming with fresh milk 0   
herb and violet salad tossed with a light vinaigrette 0   !!
papaya and avocado salad with a honey lemon dressing 0   
bowl of spiced esturi fruit chutney 0   
pitcher of lime syrup 0   

[Seasoned Dressings, Winter Chamber]
Creamy woolen curtains enclose this small chamber. A tall fir cloak stand and a sturdy cedar chest rest on a plush snowbeast fur rug. You also see a silverwillow arch.
Obvious exits: north.

On the cloak stand
Item Price Done
long white leather cloak clasped with a cutwork platinum snowflake 81,180   !!
rough woolen cloak woven with a leafless tree of gnarled branches 5,412   !!
ice blue velvet cloak adorned with knotted silk and crystal clasps 13,530   
long black velvet cloak with a collar of rabbit fur 45,100   No
full-length cloak of creamy velvet with filigreed pearl clasps 27,060   
flowing tartan cloak woven of navy and red wool 8,228   !!
In the sturdy chest
Item Price Done
white leather boots lined with silvery fox fur 4,891   No
sweeping gown of rich ivory brocade with full velvet sleeves 27,060   
pair of creamy velvet slippers couched in gold 6,314   No
white silk snood woven with faceted crystal beads 9,020   No
ice blue velvet gown with a pleated skirt edged in embroidered milady's lace 22,550   
black velvet boots trimmed with soft rabbit fur 45,100   

[Seasoned Dressings, Spring Chamber]
Layered gossamers of pastel hues are hung in swags. A mirrored chiffonier stands near an alabaster pedestal holding a profusion of lilacs in a ceramic vase.
Obvious exits: north, south.

On the alabaster pedestal
Item Price Done
low boots crafted of moss green kidskin with leather laces 4,928   
sash woven of sheer gossamer ribbons ending in long streamers 2,029   
knee-high leather boots with fanciful embroidery along the folded cuffs 4,928   
thin-strapped lavender sandals with gossamer ties 2,886   
pale gold leather slippers with yellow sapphire beading 4,510   
In the satinwood chiffonier
Item Price Done
moss-green linen vest edged with soft sparrow feathers along the pockets 4,510   !!
loose linen pants topstitched with copper thread 2,255   !!
fitted silk bodice beaded with golden lyrandia vines 25,256   !!
full skirt of layered golden tulle 10,824   !!
diaphanous skirt of layered gossamer lined with soft lavender silk 10,824   
soft silk bodice clasped with alexandrites linked in fine silver 13,913   !!

[Seasoned Dressings, Summer Chamber]
Rich blue silks are draped on the walls, and the floor is strewn with rose petals. Gaethzen fireflies glow softly from lanterns hung near a wardrobe. You also see a willow basket adorned with twining ivy.
Obvious exits: north, south.

In the willow basket
Item Price Done
silk faille slippers woven with opalescent threads 6,765   
silk faille wrist purse cinched with gossamer ribbons 10,824   !!
pair of halmik wood sandals with soft leather straps 1,082   
silk kerchief edged with a crimson fringe 10,824   
In the linden wardrobe
Item Price Done
sleeveless dress of silk faille sewn with beaded gossamer butterflies 13,530   
lightweight flaxen pants cut short at the knees 2,999   !!
sleeveless tunic stitched with bright blue silk 3,627   
crimson silk tunic embroidered with blooming roses 27,060   No
loose robe of gossamer and silk with a dark gold clasp 15,334   

[Seasoned Dressings, Autumn Chamber]
Fringed cuttings of russet tumble over the walls like falling leaves. A dark oak table stands in the center of the room next to a slender wicker mannequin.
Obvious exits: south.

On the wicker mannequin
Item Price Done
soft bearskin cloak fringed with turquoise and carnelian beads 12,811   !!
tawny leather bodice fastened with amber acorn clasps 8,096   !!
darkened leather leggings laced with braided horse hair 3,120   
tawny lambswool skirt with soft muslin petticoats 5,243   !!
On the oak table
Item Price Done
supple buckskin wrist cuff edged with rawhide stitching 2,114   No
pair of darkened leather moccasins sewn with horsetail tassels 3,560   No
forest-green leather belt with oak leaf plaques 4,891   
pair of soft bearskin boots fastened with inlaid silver roundels 7,216   No
full-sleeve shirt of ivory spidersilk with dark acorn buttons 31,570