Skin and Bones

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Skin and Bones
Province Ilithi
Justice none
Town Fang Cove
Map Ranik's Map 150
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops, Estate Holder shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Dokoras

Found in Fang Cove. Stores at Fang Cove rotate, so not always available.

[Skin and Bones]
The interior of this off-white canvas tent is sparsely furnished. Aside from smoky lanterns at either end, there is little of note other than the merchandise for sale. The one odd note that saves the space from utter mundanity is the peculiar choice of hues for the displays. You also see a tent flap, a chartreuse mannequin with some stuff on it, a puce mannequin with some stuff on it and a mauve mannequin with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the chartreuse mannequin
Item Price Done
chalky white bone gauntlets 1,623   
wolf-faced bone mask 13,535   
bear-faced bone mask 1,353   
tiger-faced bone mask 1,353   
chalky white bone armor etched with a three-masted pirate ship 18,040   
On the puce mannequin
Item Price Done
white padded cloth robe with scattered brown spots 902   
forest green quilted pants with white piping down the legs 189   
forest green quilted shirt with narrow white stripes 902   
green quilted gloves 90   
forest green quilted hood 270   !!
On the mauve mannequin
Item Price Done
matte black woven reed breastplate 7,216   
matte black woven reed vambraces 270   
matte black woven reed greaves 270   
matte black woven reed gauntlets 811   
matte black woven reed mask 902