Black Orchid

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The Black Orchid
Province Ilithi
Town Fang Cove
Map Ranik's Map 150
Owner Bethany
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Housing shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Estate Holder shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Dokoras

Found in Fang Cove. Stores at Fang Cove rotate, so not always available.

[The Black Orchid, Front Room]
Tall nightsilk screens line the walls of this spacious tent. Dark crystals dangle from ornate iron candelabras, providing what minimal light is allowed. A cloth-covered counter and an ironwood wardrobe offer merchandise for those daring enough to enter. You also see a tent flap leading out and a dark obsidian shelf with several things on it.
Obvious exits: north.

In the ironwood wardrobe
Item Price Done
sheer shift of fine black gossamer 8,118   
low-cut gown of crushed velvet with long flowing gossamer sleeves 18,040   
midnight blue gown streaked with silvery gossamer threads 18,942   
daring gown of nightsilk laced down the back with braided leather 27,060   
tight leather gown fastened with silver buckles 4,510   
On the cloth-covered counter
Item Price Done
snug leggings of scarlet leather belted with a gypsy scarf 2,706   
tight leather bodice accented with silvery embroidery 6,314   
shimmering blouse of fine scarlet gossamer laced with thin strands of gold chain 22,550   
filmy shirt of thin muslin with carved bone buttons 947   
silvery leggings with an overskirt of black nightsilk 7,261   
tight-fitting leggings of supple black leather with an overskirt of knotted ribbons 3,608   
slim satin leggings with an overskirt of pale yellow gossamer 4,961   
On the dark obsidian shelf
Item Price Done
black leather vest with sterling silver spikes 1,713   
fuzzy vest with leather laces 586   
multicolored vest made of overlapping pieces of suede 1,398   
leather vest with a skull and crossbones embossed on the back 2,074   
brown leather vest with gold buckles 2,074   

[The Black Orchid, Back room]
Randomly placed crystal sconces guard candles that flicker against dark nightsilk walls. This room features furniture for sale, from silk-covered beds to ironwood desks. An aromatic scent of vanilla and musk drift from bowls of simmering incense. You also see a black-robed clerk and a shimmering nightsilk screen.
Obvious exits: north.

Item Price Done
a huge ironwood bed - [bed] 170,000   
a long tan lounge chair - [chairs (set of 4)] 5,000   
a large plush scarlet armchair - [chairs (set of 4)] 40,000   
a carved ironwood chair - [chairs (set of 4)] 80,000   
a bunch of ragged blankets - [bed] 1,900   
a narrow black satin couch - [bed] 90,000   
a narrow rotted boat - [bed] 10,000   !!
a massive oak canopy bed - [bed] 225,000   

[The Black Orchid, Bethany's Boudoiur]
A dark red velvet couch dominates this softly lit room. A web of gleaming black nightsilk along one of the suede walls displays the owner's treasures. A low table bears a pewter bowl simmering with fragrant incense, its scent reminiscent of long ago memory. You also see a shimmering nightsilk screen and an obsidian basin.
Obvious exits: none.

In the obsidian basin
Item Price Done
tiny onyx earrings shaped like black orchids 27,060   
braided choker of black velvet dangling with a silver medallion 10,824   
tiny gold pinky ring 11,726   
wide platinum band engraved with images of reclining panthers 121,770   
sterling silver armband inlaid with obsidian skulls 22,550