Rundmolen Post Office (Fang Cove)

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Rundmolen Post Office
Province Ilithi
Justice city
Town Fang Cove
Map Ranik's Map 150
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Mail shops, Writing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Fang Cove, Rundmolen Post Office]
Tucked up against the stone wall is an expansive stone counter decorated with low relief carvings. Screens of bamboo surround the counter, partitioning it off from the bustle of the carousel traffic. Vast, countless rows of differently sized shelves are behind the counter, and complex Dwarven mechanisms can be heard as they rearrange the package-covered storage. Clerks shuffle endlessly back and forth between the counters and shelving as they assist patrons with their packaging and mailing needs.
You also see an expansive stone counter with several things on it, a display with several things on it, a copper basin filled with wax cylinders, a woven basket, a shelf with several things on it and a wooden tray with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the stone counter
Item Price Done
folded coral stampbook 16,236   
folded cyan stampbook 16,236   
folded pear-green stampbook 7216   
folded lilac stampbook 7216   
folded cerise stampbook 7216   
folded lemon stampbook 1804   
A note on the counter reads: "While the Rundmolens are happy to apply postage when you send your MAIL out, they're also happy to include an extra fee for doing so! To avoid that and save our busy clerks time, please consider purchasing your own stampbooks and PUTting them on your packages and envelopes ahead of time! Each stampbook contains 20 of their respective stamp."
On the display
Item Price Done
brown cardboard package 676   
stout burlap-covered package 676   
white paper envelope 15   
creamy vellum envelope 15   
small parchment envelope 15   
A note on the display reads: "The envelope is small but ideal for holding a single small item such as a letter. The package can hold larger items, but Rundmolen Postal Policy dictates that no more than nine items may be added to a single package."
In the copper basin
Item Price Done
cylinder of claret-red wax 7,667   
cylinder of white wax 7,667   
cylinder of golden-brown wax 7,667   
cylinder of saffron wax 7,667   
cylinder of celestial-blue wax 7,667   
cylinder of mottled wax 7,667   
A note on the basin reads: ""These fine cylinders of wax can be used to seal and mark your packages with a signet. LOOK before you buy. Each contains enough wax for approximately 10 uses.""
In the woven basket
Item Price Done
goose feather quill 1,353   
swan feather quill 1,353   
hawk feather quill 1,353   
turkey feather quill 1,353   
A note on the basket reads: "For writing letters, you'll need a quill. The Rundmolen's are happy to loan you one while here, but you'll need to purchase your own to write letters while away from the post."
On the shelf
Item Price Done
parchment scroll 451   
vellum sheet 451   
parchment sheet 451   
paper scroll 451   
A note on the shelf reads: "The parchments offered here are for writing letters to your friends, enemies, creditors, debtors, healers and just about anyone else, too. You may fold them and use wax and a signet to mark them before placing them in an envelope to MAIL away."
On the wooden tray
Item Price Done
copper signet ring 2,480   
steel signet ring 2,480   
pewter signet ring 2,480   
brass signet ring 2,480   
silver signet ring 2,480   
gold signet ring 2,480   
bronze signet ring 2,480   
nickel signet ring 2,480   
A note on the tray reads: "If you PUT wax on a letter, envelope or other package while wearing one of these signets, you can leave its mark upon the parcel. LOOK before buying! No refunds!"