Phior's Fashions

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Phior's Fashions
Province Ilithi
Town Fang Cove
Map Ranik's Map 150
Owner Phior
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Estate Holder shops, Clothing shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Dokoras

Found in Fang Cove. Stores at Fang Cove rotate, so not always available.

[Phior's Fashions]
[Phior's Fashions, Showroom]
Vibrant, sweeping silk panels trim the richly polished burlwood walls of the opulent caravan while thick forest green carpet lines the floor. Shoppers browse the many shelves and armoires that surround the room, lit by the soft glow of gaethzen orbs that hang near each corner. You also see a gilded burlwood door, a wicker basket tied with a lace bow and a gilded basket adorned with silk flowers.
Obvious exits: out.

On a gilded shelf
Item Price Done
silvery lace gloves trimmed with cascading ribbons 5,863   
red satin long gloves 9,020   
white satin long gloves trimmed with sparkling diamonds 10,824   
rose-colored satin long gloves 5,863   
black nightsilk long gloves 5,863   
In a wicker basket tied with a lace bow
Item Price Done
dove-grey Elothean silk slippers tied with lace ribbons 10,824   
pair of ivory velvet slippers embellished with satin violets 6,765   
pair of cinnamon brocade slippers trimmed in ivory lace 6,765   
pair of beaded ocean blue satin slippers 6,765   
pair of emerald velvet slippers tied with Albarian lace 6,765   
On a burlwood shelf
Item Price Done
dove-grey long gloves 10,824   
golden Elven silk gloves 5,863   
long gloves of ocean blue satin 5,863   
ivory lace gloves adorned with tiny satin violets 5,863   
emerald silk long gloves trimmed with Albarian lace 5,863   

In a guilded armoire
Item Price Done
golden taffeta gown with an embroidered organza overlay 225,500   
sleeveless black nightsilk gown adorned with peacock feathers 225,500   
elegant off-the-shoulder gown of deep mulberry accented with silver cascading ribbons 225,500   
elegant red velvet gown bejeweled with sparking bloodstones 225,500   
corseted alabaster gown embellished with a multitude of sparkling diamonds 405,900   
In a burlwood armoire
Item Price Done
dove-grey Elothean silk gown accented with glistening sapphires 225,500   
beaded single-shoulder ocean blue gown 225,500   
creamy ivory ballgown with a beaded velvet bodice 225,500   
cinnamon brocade gown with a golden Elven silk underskirt 225,500   
off-the-shoulder emerald damask gown trimmed with Albarian lace 112,750   

In a guilded basket adorned with silk flowers
Item Price Done
pair of diamond-studded white satin slippers 16,236   
pair of deep mulberry satin slippers adorned with silver bows 6,765   
pair of black nightsilk slippers trimmed with peacock feathers 6,765   
pair of golden taffeta slippers embroidered with ivory and rose gardenias 16,236   
red velvet slippers adorned with sparkling bloodstones 10,824