Frother's Beasts

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Frother's Beasts
Province Ilithi
Town Fang Cove
Map Ranik's Map 150
Owner Frother
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Pet shops, Housing shops, Estate Holder shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Dokoras

Found in Fang Cove. Stores at Fang Cove rotate, so not always available.


[Frother's Beasts]
Strong scents of wet fur and animal musk fill the large wagon. The floor is thickly covered with straw and boxes are stacked up along the walls. A covered walkway opens the back of the wagon to a large canvas tent. You also see a pet clerk.
Obvious exits: south, out.

Item Price Done
a coral-banded zohkhalo snake - [pet] 135,000   
a glossy dark brown cockroach - [pet] 100,000   
a greenish brown-flecked cricket - [pet] 100,000   
a hairy red-backed spider - [pet] 100,000   
a small rock - [pet] 10,000   
a pure-white Tetomba'ia - [pet] 250,000   
a black and tan hedgehog - [pet] 120,000   
a boldly black-striped skunk - [pet] 120,000   
a white and black-striped skunk - [pet] 120,000   
a bright-eyed ferret - [pet] 120,000   
a pure-white Jeol ferret - [pet] 149,000   
a Snarvidhis ferret - [pet] 120,000   !!
a glacial white Ilithic cat - [pet] 155,000   
a rose-beige Rissan cat - [pet] 135,000   
a ruddy Rissan cat - [pet] 135,000   
a silky black short-haired cat - [pet] 150,000   
a silver-colored cat - [pet] 125,000   
a spotted cat - [pet] 125,000   
a stub-tailed swamp cat - [pet] 155,000   

[Frother's Beasts]
The canvas walls and ceiling are a dingy white with many water stains and holes. There is a large wooden pen in one corner of the tent and the other has a stack of cages. Mostly clean hay covers the ground here. The air is quite stifling from lack of ventilation that makes the strong animal scents almost too hard to endure. You also see a clerk.
Obvious exits: north, southeast.

Item Price Done
an apricot-colored dog - [pet] 160,000   
a black canal dog - [pet] 130,000   
a blood-red Diluger dog - [pet] 190,500   
a gold-spotted Rissan cliff piltala - [pet] 120,000   !!
a Shirelmedies dog - [pet] 200,000   
a red brindle Skadfar dog - [pet] 160,000   
a rusty-marked Dako'gi dog - [pet] 160,000   
a skinny Nehpel dog - [pet] 153,000   
a snow-white Kerspen dog - [pet] 180,500   !!
a sturdy black hunting dog - [pet] 200,000   
a warm brown Pi'pehgi dog - [pet] 160,000   
a yellow canal dog - [pet] 130,000   
a Viidhaulfar dog - [pet] 169,000   

[Frother's Tent, The Back Corner]
This corner is brightly lit and much cleaner than the rest of the area. Empty crates are set up in such a way as to cut off this corner from the rest of the shelter. You also see a clerk.
Obvious exits: northwest.

Item Price Done
a thick-cushioned cot - bed 105,000   !!
a wood-framed pit - bed 165,000   !!
a copper and patina weapon rack - weapon storage 110,000   
a dark-stained oak wardrobe - general storage 130,500   
a driftwood sea chest etched with nautical symbols - general storage 90,000   
an elegantly-carved ash closet - general storage 132,000   !!
a gaudy purple-painted trunk - general storage 115,000   !!
a gold-trimmed red oak coffer embossed with a rampant dragon - general storage 180,000   !!
a silverwillow memorial chest - general storage 140,000   
a woodbin - log storage 8,000   !!
a black-glazed ceramic kiln - fire 160,000   
a columned white-marble fireplace - fire 200,000   
a large brick fireplace - fire 150,000   
a small bronze-trimmed brazier - fire 24,000   
a calendar - wall hanging 3,800   
an intricately embroidered silk tapestry displaying a detailed map of Elanthia - wall hanging 150,000