Aesry Necropolis

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Found on the 2nd tier of Aesry along the SE section of the tier. Gravekeeper Aalar can be found on the grounds as well as an almsbox. There are also a number of pickable items found in the area.


This is home to the following creatures:


  • The (1st) grave of Velmix can be found here.
  • Cleric Guildleader Esuin will speak with you about the area.


Picked within the grounds are the following flowers.

[Aesry Surlaenis'a, Necropolis]
Octagonal white bricks are fitted tightly together to form the path which leads from the top of the stairs to the main cemetery. A narrow trail covered with grey marble gravel branches off toward a nearby mausoleum. Meandering clusters of vibrant yellow tulips are planted alongside the path.
Obvious paths: east, southwest.


[Aesry Surlaenis'a, Necropolis Final Resting Place]
The sound of trickling water comes from a nearby marble fountain surrounded by a bed of delicate white daisies. Some of the daisies have fallen victim to mourners that have picked them to place at the grave of their loved ones.
Obvious paths: northeast, southwest.

Note: There is also holy water in the fountain.


[Aesry Surlaenis'a, Necropolis Final Resting Place]
A gentle breeze is the only discernible movement in this quiet part of the cemetery. Soft grass blankets the ground around the older headstones of those buried long ago. The graves are aged, but still very well maintained. The scent of honeysuckle from the nearby vines fills the air. You also see an ornate iron gate.
Obvious paths: south, west.


[Aesry Surlaenis'a, Necropolis Final Resting Place]
Beneath the branches of a gnarled oak tree, a long wooden bench provides a place to meditate, or just to rest. The whiteness of the path is broken by low growing weeds and moss which peek through crevices between the octagonal bricks. Once carefully tended, wildflowers now grow amidst the unpruned rose bushes in a nearby flower bed, the blossoms filling the air with a fresh, sweet scent.
Obvious paths: southeast, northwest.


[Aesry Surlaenis'a, Necropolis Final Resting Place]
Against a canvas of green grass, a tall, elegant vase of exotic lilies leans against a simple headstone. A small patch of grass is matted to the ground where someone had been kneeling. The subtle scent of the lilies dances in the air of a soft breeze.
Obvious paths: north, west.