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There are two legends for the existence of the seafoam white flowers that bear a blue heart the shade of the ocean at noon. One says that the Eluned's tears flower sprang from the tears that Eluned shed when the World Dragon ravaged her oceans. It is said that the gentle goddess appeared in pools in Surlaenis, weeping as if her heart would break as the dragon swam in the oceans, killing what he could and destroying what he could. A young boy found the goddess at one such pool. Her tears dripping onto the rock were the color of seafoam, and as he looked at them, they reflected his own sea-blue eyes. The boy sat by the goddess, transfixed by her beauty and her sorrow, neither eating nor drinking for several days. Finally the goddess took note of him, and for his vigilance she transformed him into the first bush of Eluned's tears that ever after would grow so that they could gaze upon their own reflection in the water.

The other legend says that when the World Dragon ravaged the oceans, he befouled the springs of Aesry Surlaenis'a, causing them to become brackish. The people cried out in their thirst as their pools of formerly fresh water turned to undrinkable salt. Moved by their cries, Eluned appeared at one such pool, drinking the water into herself. As she cried for her people and her oceans, she took the salt out of the pool. Her tears fell white as seafoam from the salt in them. The people praised her and brought her flowers, but none proved as lovely as her tears, which the people sighed over and collected. Eluned promised from that day forward she would protect the fresh water of Surlaenis as well as its seas so that the people would never again go thirsty. As a token of her oath, she left behind the transfigured tears that would evermore grow beside the pools and fountains under her protection.



ItemSource isRare item
Cassock floridly embroidered with sheafs of Eluned's tearsAkaterina's CassocksCassock cinched with a cord like violescent nightshade ivytrue
Item:Cassock floridly embroidered with sheafs of Eluned's tearsAkaterina's Cassockstrue
Item:Silk eluned's tears blossom displaying a rich blue centerTildi's Flowersfalse
Sprig of Eluned's tearsAesry Tribunal BuildingAshala'tamantrue
Tiny mother-of-pearl Eluned's tear pin with a finely polished silver stemAll That Sparklestrue

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