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Description: The property is used to declare that it has no regularly available source. Common instances of this would be festival only items, auction items, or invasion creature equipment. This is a subproperty Property:Rare.
Type: boolean

There are currently 74923 items in this property, 14714 of which are incomplete, and 4527 of which are outdated.

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"ATTENTION STARVED" arrow +true  +
"BOOT LICKER" bolt +true  +
"BROWN-NOSER" bolt +true  +
"CAPITULATE" arrow +true  +
"CAUTION: POINTY" spear +true  +
"CLOTPOLE" bolt +true  +
"COME AT ME" arrow +true  +
"DIE!" pellet +true  +
"DONE YET?" spear +true  +
"DOOFUS" pellet +true  +
"FLAP-DRAGON" bolt +true  +
"FLAX-WENCH" arrow +true  +
"FROG-WART" bolt +true  +
"GET WELL SOON" spear +true  +
"GOBLIN-FACE" bolt +true  +
"GOBSNOT" spear +true  +
"GOOBER" arrow +true  +
"GOT ISSUES" arrow +true  +
"GOT ISSUES" bolt +true  +
"GROUND-SWILL" arrow +true  +
"HA-HA" spear +true  +
"HANDS OFF" spear +true  +
"HARPY" pellet +true  +
"HEDGE-PIG" arrow +true  +
"I DARE YOU" arrow +true  +
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