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Seating area changes · on 05/21/2013 10:10 PM CDT 1093
Hello all,

I've rolled in some changes to areas that use audience seating mechanics. This change encompasses quite a few places like theaters, arenas, and some chapels that have seating areas that overlook another room. These changes will allow people in the viewed area to see and hear certain actions from spectators in the seating area. Not all areas have all of the options available, but they all have a number of features now available to them. For ease of writing, I'll use stage to represent the viewed area.

CHEER - Cheering in general will be seen from the stage, and you will be able to CHEER <person on stage> and have it work even though they are not in the same room as you are.

WHISTLE - Works about the same as cheer.

LAUGH/CHUCKLE/CHORTLE etc - If a number of people perform a laugh type action within a set time, the stage will hear a bit of laughter from the crowd.

YELL - Yelling from the seating area will carry to the stage.

APPLAUD/CLAP/BOO - These actions will be grouped together. When a person starts a round of applause/booing, everyone in the seating area will see a message about what's being started. Other people will then either join in with applause or booing, or not. If no one joins in, then nothing much happens. If others join in there will be a series of pulsing messages that continue until people stop applauding and booing. Each message pulse will relay how much activity is going on total, what sort of ratio between applause and booing is going on, and if the volume level of the ovation is rising or lowering.

There are three styles to this message as well: subdued, normal, and raucous. Places like a chapel or dais will be subdued, theaters will be normal, and arenas will be raucous (assuming they all convert over the the new system correctly.)

I certainly hope you all enjoy these new features. Please let me know if anything strange happens.

AGM Ricinus
Dev Systems
Cleric Advocate

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