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Task Updates · on 09/12/2013 04:07 PM CDT 583

The skinning and foraging tasks have received some updates. I've also added some new NPCs to the system. The particulars for each are below!

I've added all of the Zoluren-based trade ministers to the task system. They will give out both the foraging and skinning tasks (only). This means these NPCs can also be the targets for delivery tasks from others, excluding Arthe's which is in a restricted area.

The other trade ministers from other provinces will be added down the line.

The representative NPC in Fang Cove was also added.

The foraging task now awards trading experience to traders who complete it. It shouldn't be viable for full-time training, but if you're going to be foraging for your caravan or mules anyways, you can get a little something for it.

This is the only change to the foraging task. There are no new items or location changes at this time.

The skinning task has received an overhaul. There are a number of changes, but I'll hit the highlights.

1) Completing it now awards trading experience for Traders. There's new messaging for them as well. Again -- it shouldn't be viable for full-time training, but it allows you to do something to contribute towards your trading while working on your combat requirements.
2) Many more creatures were added. See link below.
3) Each province now has a progression of creatures to work through.
4) You'll generally be assigned something at your (skinning) level, but there's a (small) chance you'll be randomly assigned something lower.
5) There's less of a chance of you being sent across the world for a particular creature. There is SOME overlap such as snowbeasts for Zoluren and Ilithi and firecats for Zoluren and Therengia.

As with the old version, the creature assignment (excluding random chance) is based solely on your skinning skill. I recognize that some of you may have skinning higher/lower than your combats, which won't make this ideal, but that issue existed in the previous version as well, though it may have been less noticeable since there were considerably fewer creatures. In a future update, we may be able to assign creatures based on the lower of your combats or skinning. That's NOT being actively worked on at the moment.

I also recognize that the skinning task may not offer anything of value for many of you since you can sell the bundles at a furrier for generally the same or more coin. Unlike traders, there's not a great way to incentivize it for everyone. At some level, we have to accept that not every task is meant for everyone, but it still serves a purpose to guide you towards skill-appropriate creatures and may encourage some exploration of new creatures.

You can see the current creature groupings here: Not every skinnable creature is included, though each area has a pretty solid progression without major gaps. Please note that I can't guarantee any future changes, additions or removals will be reflected in the doc. It is current as of the release, however.

Special thanks to Plat for early testing on both of these as well as for the feedback and suggestions for additional creatures.

These updates are live in Prime and Platinum, TF to follow soon.

If you notice anything odd, please let me know. Trader experience issues can be posted on the Trader forums. General task feedback should be posted in the Task System: General Discussion and Bugs topic within the Abilities, Skills and Magic forums.

SGM Zadraes
Premium Lead
Trader Guild Advocate

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