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Hi! This is my page for, well, me. Here you will find a list of all the characters I play in DragonRealms, and some other bits of information about the player behind them.

I've been playing DR since the late 90's, on and off. Since the introduction of the news races, I've been a fervent supporter of the Rakash both in the game and on the official forums. The fun I've had with Rakash characters was the driving force behind setting up the Augstawne Girene Dzirta, which is probably the longest running Rakash pack in the history of the game. Forming the pack has allowed me to connect with other Rakash players and condense our efforts to get more recognition for the race inside the game environment.

I also find a great joy in helping others with item designs for alterations or whatever. I've done about a hundred or more designs in my time playing DragonRealms and I continue to help friends with them to this day. Feel free to contact me if you need any help with getting something made in the game. I work with both wedding parties and individuals, just make sure to tell me what you're wanting and I'll do my best to make it happen. The price I charge for this service depends on the amount of work involved and how much time I need to invest in the designing. Obviously weddings require a ton of work and time to get things right, whereas a single item could be done in less than a day. I also reserve the right to refuse anyone whom I find too difficult to work with.

Last but not least, I am a frequent contributor to the amount of information here on Elathipedia. I've done my best to update any of the groups I'm involved in, as well as doing my part to keep the resource clean and orderly for the viewers.

  • AIM: hexedbythenet
  • E-MAIL:

Player of:

Alexii Augstawne, a Rakash Ranger. Former member of the Outcast Tribes and resident of the Velaka. Alpha of the Augstawne Girene Dzirta currently residing around the village of Siksraja.

Malakye Augstawne, a Rakash Trader. Works as both a tailor and artist in the city of Riverhaven. Member of the Augstawne Girene Dzirta.

Kasto del'Fawkraste, a Rakash Thief. An orphaned shipwreck victim, former pirate and avid fisherman.

Mieri Zaul, a Human Empath. An exile from her former home due to suspicion of witchcraft. A crippled healer who is frequently seen hobbling around Fang Cove.

Karmac Rhodri, a Gnome Cleric. Working as both a tinkerer and a tailor. A former gravedigger and worshipper of Urrem'tier, but recently has been ordained as a monk of Spangklud.

Karuka Noce, a Gnome Bard. Member of the Noce family of Gnome Traders and somewhat of a black sheep considering his position in the Bards' Guild.

Garrem Malkerrit, a Human Paladin. Immigrant to Therengia from the island of Meshor.

Former Player of:

Rakus Augstawne, a Rakash Ranger and former Alpha of the Augstawne Girene Dzirta. Died somewhere in Northern Zoluren.

-NOTE: The above character existed pre-Elanthipedia.-

Heplythea Augstawne, a Rakash Paladin. Knight of Asketi and Member of the Augstawne Girene Dzirta. Died in the Velakan Desert.

Valthan Augstawne, a Rakash Moon Mage and scholar of the Augstawne Girene Dzirta. Perished in an experiment.

Morohtar, a Sand Elf Trader. Discovered to actually be a Thief. Killed in Muspar'i by Outcasts.

Kohab Iani, a Human Necromancer. A well-versed scholar with interests in both grave robbery and tomb raiding. Suspected perished on Ratha.

Noraan Fala'Gadim, a Elven Barbarian. Member of the Forest Elves and resident of Leth Deriel.