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Status Dead
Race Sand Elf
Gender Male
Guild Trader
Instance Prime

Morohtar is deceased.

Public Records

  • Suspected Trader.
  • Seen in and around Crossings.


You see Morohtar, an Elf. He has pointed ears and milky blue eyes. His golden brown hair is shoulder length and wavy, and is worn tied back. He has tanned skin. A triangle of black volcanic glass rests on his forehead, just above his eyes. He has a scruffy growth of stubble on his face.


He is wearing a trio of fused stone bands centered on a black volcanic glass wasp, a platinum bracelet inset with the crest of the Traders' Guild, a polished tiger's eye necklace with a gold-etched viper's fang pendant, a patterned snakeskin ledger case clasped with a gilded viper fang, a deep indigo nightsilk shirt with a silver-trimmed chest pocket, a braided nightsilk belt with bands of diamond-encrusted animite, a polished belt frog with a bejeweled silver scepter and an elongated watersteel scimitar hanging from it, some lustrous indigo steelsilk trousers with dangling silver laces, some low brown canvas desert boots, a hooded black camel-hair cloak veined with silver steelsilk threads, a bright copper haversack and a burnished copper silk satchel embroidered with a desert sun -- the emblem of the Muspar'i Traders' Guild.