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Noraan Fala'Gadim
Status Dead
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime

Public Records

He is Battlehardened Noraan Fala'Gadim, Student of Everild, an Elven Barbarian.


He has pointed ears and gold eyes. His dark brown hair is short and fine, and is worn slicked back away from his face. He has tanned skin.
He is an adult.
His left wrist has a tattoo of a lush sana'ati tree with spreading roots.


He is wearing a chakrel stone amulet with the Barbarians' Guild Crest hung from a damite chain, a red suede vest, a cream silk shirt with the Barbarians' Guild crest embroidered on the chest, a double-wrapped leather belt with brushed steel buckles, a damite-hilted skinning knife displaying the Barbarians' Guild crest, some red suede trousers and some rugged leather boots with steel buckles.


The only son to a Mountain Clan Barbarian father and a Forest Clan Ranger mother, Noraan was often the victim of much ridicule and bore the countless jokes many of his peers levied at him. The constant insults and claims that he was less intelligent only served to encourage him to push harder in his studies in order to prove them all wrong. Being that he was often in the top students at the Izma Ru'ef University, eventually he earned the respect of his clan and they ceased their verbal attacks on him. Upon his graduation, he was left with a choice on how to further pursue his life's work and finally settled on the path his father followed with the Barbarians' Guild. He keeps a room in the dormitory of the university and often takes on the role of a Teacher to the next crop of graduates, though he has been seen frequenting Steelclaw Clan more often as of recent years.