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Mieri Zaul
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Mieri by MirrorCradle.jpg


You see Hedge Witch Mieri Zaul, Villager of Elanthia, a Human Empath.
She has a triangular face, beady dark eyes and a wart-tipped nose. Her grey hair is long and peppered, and is worn in an odd, frizzy mop -- a definite "bad-hair" day. She has wrinkled skin and an emaciated figure.
She is short for a Human.
Some ghastly jawless skulls float lazily around her head, glowing with a lustrous sheen against her skin.


She is holding a glaes cane with a tempered finish in her right hand.
She is wearing a witch ball, a wide-brimmed black bombazine witch's hat, some onyx hairbeads interwoven with a couple of long dark feathers, a spiked iron earcuff crafted to resemble a tangled hedge of thorns, a pale audrualm mask worked into the visage of a skeletal raven, a ruddy iron amulet engraved with odd symbols, a dull grey raven charm, some raven-black witch's robes embroidered with magical symbols around the hem, some pale audrualm gloves backed by a quartet of skeletal talons, a black bombazine witch's gown accented with ivory-colored lace, a wide silver-studded leather wand belt made to ride low on the hips, a pair of polished black thigh boots with pointed toes and silver-cinch buckles, a black leather backpack trimmed with dangling silver-gilt raven feathers and a large patchwork hex bag affixed to lengths of braided leather.


Witch! Or so they say...

Mieri's life has been one of continued hardship, having joined the Empath guild at an elderly age after years of wandering around and skulking in the shadows. Her history is dotted with ill omens and unlucky events, leaving the crone with a jaded sense of justice and virtue. Her appearance is haggard and tortured, her broken frame evidenced by the distinct manner in which she hobbles her way around town. Mieri is also a collector, choosing to adorn her crippled body with items of a mystical nature. Her various trinkets and unsightly manner of display have given some credit to the idea that she studies, or perhaps even uses, witchcraft to power her abilities.

Encountering much opposition during her time in Zoluren, Mieri has since moved both her home and clinic to the community of Fang Cove. Upon reaching the settlement she immersed herself in mining, a hobby which has been very lucrative thus far. Due to the quiet nature of the community, she has not had any of the confrontation which she was frequently victim to in other Provinces.


[Mieri's Home]
White plaster relief-embossed walls and a thin wooden floor made from planks of badly placed ebonwood covered by a lice-ridden bearskin rug enclose this tiny hovel. In one corner hangs a rope hammock with bone spreader bars, and near the hammock sits a cluttered worktable filled with various unfinished projects with a black ebonwood case inlaid with silver runes and a stack of magic handbooks on it. A skull and bone fire pit burns along the far wall with a bone chandelier festooned with goblin skulls hanging above it. The room holds a mild scent of dust. You also see a ghostly butler, a splintering wooden door in an ill-fitted frame, a dark steel weapon rack studded with sharp metal hooks with a couple of things on it, a blackened iron chest with old rust-colored stains marring the sides with a large copper cauldron embossed with skulls on it and a tiny stool with bone legs.


  • Name is pronounced as My-Ree.
  • Mieri served for a time as a plague doctor, which is where it is believed she first learned of her abilities with the empathic arts. She still carries a mask that she used during these times, and matching gloves, all crafted from exotic audrualm.
  • One of her dreams is to own a flying broom and stop having to hobble around on the rough city cobblestones.