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Status Dead
Race Rakash
Gender Female
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime

Heplythea is assumed deceased, struck down by the plague which has covered the Augstawne Girene Dzirta's home in the Velaka.


Public Records


You see Guardswoman Heplythea, Standard Bearer of Velaka, a Rakash Paladin.

She has an angular face with frown lines around her mouth, slightly pointed ears, thick-lashed dark eyes and a pointy nose. Her dark brown hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a lifelike silver bumblebee haircomb set with tiny emerald chips. She has tanned skin and a brawny figure.

She is tall for a Rakash.

Her left cheekbone has a tattoo of two puncture marks set close together.


You see Guardswoman Heplythea, Standard Bearer, a Rakash Paladin.


She is holding a horseman's pick in her right hand. She is wearing a curved drop-trigger crossbow, a nicked ironwood standard bearing a torn white silk banner, a gleaming steel parry stick wrapped in emerald green ribbon, a tower shield twined with images of several vengeful adders, an Imperial battle helm, some burnished silver gauntlets with sable leather cuffs edged in thin bronze chain, some bronze-inlaid jousting plate etched with a horseman who is besieged by adders, a moon-shaped emerald pendant on a braided silver chain, a curved silver earcuff tipped with a vela'tohr tourmaline, a polished silver badge labeled "Venerate Asketi!", an emerald adder charm, a shimmering scarlet scarf, a braided saddle brown leather armband straddled by a bloodgem afis, a warrior's snakeskin odaj clasped with a pair of silver adder fangs, a pair of sleek black riding boots with bronze tips, some bronze rowel spurs embellished with gilded horses, a fitted black horseman's cloak trimmed with adder embroidery, a battered leather warrior's kit edged in tarnished bronze studs, a pair of animite-buckled mesh war belts, an animite-buckled mesh war harness and a platinum-hued armor pack shot through with narrow strands of steelsilk.


He found them, he was not looking for them specifically, but he found them none the less. Deep in that slight crevice, one of many which adorn the mountain face, they had lived for many years serving the Temple and the High Priestess inside of it. "You are my people." He had said to them. They knew it was true, they could all feel it.

As her parents spent the night talking to the newcomer, Heplythea secretly listened from an unseen distance. But somehow, she believed he knew she was there. The occasional twitch of his ear was almost perfectly timed with her hushed breathing. After what seemed like an eternity, they called to her by name. They had all known she was there, eavesdropping on their conversation.

"We assume you heard all that was said?" her father questioned her. A frightened nod was all that she could reply with. "Well, speak up child. What do you wish?" her mother commanded to her. "I... I will go with the Alpha." she said after some hesitation. The newcomer gazed at her closely with his one eye, and a sly smirk crossed his face. "Well.." he said, "Gather your things and prepare to leave. You are of the Dzirta now and you must learn what that means."

They left the mountain together.