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Karmac Rhodri
Status Active
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime
Relatives Tiso
Karmac by Pantherink.jpg

Formally a Gravedigger in a small Gnomish community South of Leth Deriel, Karmac has given up his meager possessions in order to service the Gods. Recently joining the Cleric guild and dedicating his faith to the Immortal Zachriedek and the Gnomish deity Spangklud, Karmac can be seen honoring the God by immersing himself in the crafts and warning others of their folly by not honoring either of his chosen gods.


You see Inventor Karmac Rhodri, Gremlin of Elanthia, a Gnome Cleric.
He has a round face, close-set violet eyes and a small nose. He has thinning grey hair, with wrinkled skin and a stout build.
He is a bit over average height for a Gnome.
He has a thick bushy mustache that droops heavily on his upper lip and a long shaggy beard.


He is wearing a pair of inventor's spectacles with multiple retractable lenses, a resplendent sirese flower gripped by a bronze and jade gremlin, a stiff alabaster ankle-length coat with ornate cambrinth wrist clasps, a pristine white clerical collar overlaid with Albarian lace, a tiny amethyst icesilk dress shirt with animite buttons, a snow white crystal ring cut to resemble the patterns of a holy spell, a gloriously polished jade ring inlaid with bronze gremlins, an animite and niello belt buckle set with a stunning lightning amethyst, a tiny spidersilk utility belt with polished animite fittings, a curious timepiece suspended by a thin bronze chain, a tiny glaes tinker's hammer hafted in pale spiritwood, some twilled spidersilk pants, a pair of jade titanese work boots with niello-inlaid bronze buckles, an inventor's spidersilk toolbag stitched with gremlins and a glaes cane.


Karmac left his former community, mostly made up of extended family members, and began a new life in the Crossings. This move was inspired by his cousin Tiso, who told him he needs to be "greater than your size." Having formally served as a Gravedigger, Karmac was familiar with death rites and clerical practices concerning burials. Having grown too old to continue digging, a friend had mentioned that perhaps he could practice a less physical and more spiritual profession. Karmac made his way to the city and joined with the Cleric's located there.

While in the Crossings, Karmac did some studying on the religions of the Gnomes and the various gods which they observed before the Gorbesh infection. Having found a connection between his own desires and the path of the god Spangklud, Karmac has abandoned the traditional Gravedigger worship of Urrem'tier. This sudden change of faith caused some concern amongst his teachers within the guild and placed Karmac in jeopardy of losing his position with the organization.

When he first dedicated his life to Spangklud, he donated everything he owned to charity which pleased his fellow Clerics. He felt that he should only have what his god has been able to provide for him, so for a short time he wore rags while he worked on his crafts. Becoming a proficient tailor, Karmac was able to earn a steady amount of income which allowed for him to purchase several rather exquisite pieces of clothing. Karmac contributes the growing success as a sign from his god that he is counted among Zachriedek's and Spangklud's favored.

Recently coming into confrontation with other religious scholars in the Zoluren area, Karmac has uprooted himself from the region. He has relocated his home to the lands of Ilithi.

What little spare time that is not devoted to the gods, he spends tinkering. Aimlessly for now...


You see the initial "K." impressed into the material's surface.