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Status Active
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Guild Bard
Instance Prime
Relatives Chestnut, Hazelnut, Kukui, Piney

Public Records

He is Karuka Noce, a Gnome Bard.


Un-hidden: It's rare to see Karuka without his trademark mask, but on a few occasions he has opted to leave it at home.

Karuka has a triangular face, sparkling silver eyes and a small nose. He has cropped black hair, with pale skin and a slender build. He is tiny for a Gnome.
He appears to be an adult.

Hidden: Karuka typically wears this mask to complete his "Jester" look.

His features are hidden by a tri-colored gold mask patterned with a jester's visage.


Violet and Jade Jester: This outfit is Karuka's standard attire and he can typically be seen wearing it on an everyday basis.

He is holding a grinning jester's head puppet mounted on a wooden stick in his right hand.
He is wearing wearing a rich violet and jade green striped jester's hat with tiny silver bells, a short spun glitter cape fluttering from the shoulders, a jester's tunic sewn with rich violet and jade green satin diamonds, a tailored black silk shirt with silver cufflinks, an albredine crystal ring, a fancy friendship ring displaying a pair of square-cut rainbow sapphires, an elegant black sash crafted from spun glitter, a pair of dazzling jade green spun glitter tights, some soft-soled dancing shoes with polished silver buckles, some cut silver toe bells with an intricate knotwork pattern and a burlap game bag beaded with a simple design.


Anyone who meets him is sure to agree that Karuka Noce is a very odd man. His own family would say the same of him, chasing the life of a performing Bard over the profit he could be gaining as a Trader. Regardless, Karuka is confident in his pursuits of hedonism and exuberance among the Bards of Elanthia.

Throughout his youth, Karuka always preferred to do things differently than other members of the family. While others aspired to learn the methods of keeping a shop or controlling caravans, Karuka was the type to sit around for anlas strumming a rough-looking banjo he had made for himself. When it came time for shopping, his family would flock to the finest formal wear and he would wander off to find something more whimsical.

His bouts of drunken foolishness and carefree attitude might cause some to look at him as being dim-witted, but it's actually quite the contrary. Karuka has shown proficiency with several aspects of Engineering and Tinkering though his creations often having the sole purpose of making him and others laugh more. Instead of putting his sharp mind to use counting numbers and accumulating wealth, he chooses to use it to construct verses and rhymes.

A skilled acrobat, Karuka uses his nimble nature to his advantage for performance art. It's not uncommon to see him in full Jester attire, always ready to put on a show or display his talents for anyone in sight.


Here are some various facts about Karuka that are known by most:

  • Karuka has a serious infatuation with the Glitter Advisor Kimallus and is known to carry around a toy bobblehead in her likeness.
  • Karuka aspires to one day be named as a Court Bard for Zoluren, so that he can continue to entertain ever larger crowds.


An overlay of translucent vellum atop a sheet of glittered paper.

The thin vellum overlay provides a smoother writing surface as grey, silver, black and blue glitter forms a thick shadow-hued coating over the paper beneath.

The paper is drawn with: Bold lines filled with vibrant ink washes depict a slender Gnome jester standing in a pool of light, surrounded on all sides by the shadowy, indistinct forms of an audience. Garbed in a varicolored tunic and matching leggings, he stands one one foot with his body tilted sharply to one side, thin arms flailing in the air for balance. Golden bells, shimmering with silvery blue highlights from the glitter pressed beneath the vellum, dangle from his striped jester's hat and the toes of his pointy shoes. A solid black eye mask conceals most of his ridiculously grinning face, the diamond-shaped eye holes filled in with bright silver glitter. Angled into the air, the Gnome holds a wooden stick mounted with a jester's head puppet. A thick X of matte black glitter crisscrosses the puppet's mouth. Brightly colored streamers dance around the Gnome and sparkling confetti litters the ground at his feet. Signed at the bottom is the artist's name, Sesi Hart, dotted with a tiny heart.