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The Noce family, also known as the Noces, is a tight-knit group of Gnomes who are all related to each other through their rather extensive family tree. While dominantly Traders by profession, the occasional black sheep has been known to happen. They are fairly close with their relatives in the Fleur and Chene families, despite tensions due to their respective social standings.

Family History

Long ago a Cip'uja Gnome married into Tloticuc, which started changing them into a more practical fun loving folk. It was through this union that the Noce were brought about. Being primarily Tloticuc the entire family (Noce, Chene, and Fleur) have adopted a unique naming convention of associating themselves after various types of nuts or flowers.

Active Members

The following individuals are currently active within the game environment.


The largest branch of the family tree, the Noce have several members active within society.


None of the Chene family have decided to become active in present society, they mostly keep to themselves.


A smaller and more elitist branch of the family tree, the Fleur have limited contact with outsiders.

Family Tree

The Noce are known for extensive documentation of their lineage and family ties, they have graciously provided them for others to view.


Noce Family Tree


Chene Family Tree


Fleur Family Tree