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Article Number: 2
Dateline: 429-01-35

The following story was witnessed in near entirety by Navesi, and together Navesi and I report here what she saw and heard directly from those present.

A few andaen ago, a young Prydaen by the name of Viyalo was gifted a treasure map which led her to the area near Lake of Dreams. Upon rooting the area thoroughly, she discovered a treasure had indeed been long forgotten in this place. Unearthing it, however, left her to face something she was entirely unprepared for. "I got a bad feeling the moment I dug it out," she said.

The box contained a purple-speckled robe of deep blue velvet, which at first glance might have appeared to be innocuous. However, the specks it bore were shaped as the stylized triple-tined claw known to be the symbol of the demon Maelshyve. The combination of colors and markings were not dissimilar to previously discovered robes known to be associated with Maelshyvean Iconoclasts, and further, it bore the writing: "She Who Owns Our Souls shall break the gods themselves." The robe was taken by the treasure hunter and some few companions to the Crossing cemetery, and they put out a call for an Inquisitor. According to Viyalo, the Cleric Piety first responded to their call, but "Piety came and poked at it and she couldn't do nothing." Following this, Viyalo explained, "Klonardas picked up the coffer and got all possessed or summat! [He] kept saying the robes was [his] and he wanted to bring it back to places to study it!"

Knight Magister Saragos had heard the call for aid himself and decided to investigate, and he was joined shortly after by Navesi, his wife. Saragos attempted to destroy the robe using the powerful consumption cantrip known as Flashpoint. However, strangely, he was totally unable to affect it. He laid the robe back on the ground.

At this point, the robe began to emit a soft clicking sound.

The tiny claws along the surface of the robe shivered quickly, lending them a blurred appearance. Patterns along the surface began to shift. The shivering claws started to create tiny tears across the garment, clearly coming to life and shredding it slowly.

The group put out another general call for a Cleric, and they were attended by Father Superior Serature. Unfortunately, the Father was unable to make any progress in blessing or uncursing the object, claiming that his strongest bless was resisted. Soon the embroidered letters upon the piece were cut away, until it merely read, "She who .. owns .. breaks." The claws grew still, but darkened slightly. Father Serature began instead to bless those who had come in contact with the robes or their container.

At this point, the minor tearings turned to the claws elongating and digging up the cemetery ground itself! Saragos took it upon himself to create a rain of Fire centered upon the robe, and Navesi added her own fiery vocal talents to the attempts to purge what might be crawling forth. The claws began to shiver and shrink back into the fabric, the velvet darkening.

Father Serature then led the gathering in prayer to Kertigen, and others cried out to the gods to aid in the endeavor, also calling upon Chadatru. The muffled clicking from within the robe grew louder even as smoke began to rise from it, the claws digging frantically. Viyalo bravely edged forward, stabbing her hiking stick into the robe and pinning it to the ground. Clods of dirt few from the hole as something tugged at the garment from below. Suddenly, the claws disappeared into the ground, leaving the robe behind!

Saragos immediately attempted to incinerate the robe again but was still unable. Navesi, not content to allow the creature to escape, called those present to dig with her, plunging her hands into the earth in order to pursue it. Others joined in, Saragos flinging dirt away with a magnetic ballista.

What they unearthed was unquestionably a Maelshyvean vessel, who manifested before them in plumes of dusky smoke. It is known that the demon's hierophants take mortals and prepare them for the manifestation of the demon within, and this was clearly such a vessel. Navesi told me she felt immediately besmirched by its presence, and others voiced similar fears.

The gathering of brave souls was able to defeat the demonspawn after a short battle, but soon they felt the malevolent press upon their psyche, a sweet voice whispering terrible things to them. Annais reported having feelings of a heinous spiritual encroachment, as if someone were rummaging through her memories. They heard such things as, "What a good vessel you are," and "Where is your Sunderer now, little enemy? For every paltry scale he tore from me, I will braid a thousand skulls of your kind into my hair." Clearly it was the voice of Maelshyve herself. Father Serature once again turned to blessing everyone present, and eventually several reported that they felt the presence of their god protecting them.

Readers of the Herald that come into contact with robes matching this description should take care both not to don them, nor to attempt to destroy such befouled items alone. The Herald suggests that such attempts at destruction be handled by members of the Inquisition and those of strong faith in the Immortals. You may turn them in to Navesi or to any Inquisitor, such as Mother Whiteburn, Father Liurilias, or Inquisitor Rifkinn.

In the case of the present robe, we announce that in the coming andaen the Anduwen Watch shall hold a ritual at the Holy Temple's altar to Hodierna. All present will beseech Her to destroy the robe and to offer us guidance regarding the possible incursion of Maelshyve into Zoluren. Heed our future announcements and come ready to prostrate yourself before Her with gifts pleasing to Her.

Be humble and pray. Cleanse yourselves. And prepare.

By our two hands,

Marcul Miakeyiru
Assistant Reporter for the First Land Herald


Navesi Daerthon
True Bard, Zoluren's Herald
Editor in Chief of the First Land Herald

Real Date: Unknown Date
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