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Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male

The champion of Hodierna and the ancient nemesis of Maelshyve. Karszen dismantled Archrost's enchantment which had weakened Hodierna and led the armies of the Thirteen in the war to recover Urrem'tier's Chalice.

An interesting tidbit is that the large scales on his leathers are those of Maelshyve.

His name is also associated with a relic (a metal shard of some sort) that Khurek was given.


You see Sunderer Karszen Rvkarn, a Cleric of indiscernable race.
He has vacant, milky white eyes, and ebon skin as dark as shadow. His long, flowing silver hair gleams luminously.
He appears very ancient, yet bears an unnatural aura of vigor and strength.

He is holding an ancient battle-worn scythe etched with intricate patterns down its razored blade in his right hand.
He is wearing some ancient battle-worn leathers plated with large midnight blue scales.

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