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The First Land Herald is a publication dedicated to the current events of Zoluren; "Zohlu Ren" is Gamgweth for First Land. When possible, the Herald may also report on other events throughout Kermoria. [1]

Editor in Chief: Navesi
Assistant Reporter: Ruea
Occasional or Guest Reporters: Miskton, Mazrian, Saragos
Former Reporters: Shaylynne, Leyhan, Shannera, Marcul, Oscearo, Klines, Simera, Tyrrum, Izimi

Publication In Game

The Herald now offers newsletters exclusively IN GAME FIRST for at least a day or two, possibly longer depending on when our staff can get the articles posted on the wiki. Thus if you want to be sure to read the news and get it as it happens, head to one of the imp locations in game.

  • For updates when an article is published in game, follow @Dragonrealms on Twitter.
  • For updates when an article is archived here on elanthipedia, or other news about the Herald, follow @FirstLandHerald.


The Herald is proud to be partnered with the imps of Elanthia! Copies of the latest edition can be obtained from news stands manned by imps. Visit and GET NEWS for 50 coppers. Currently located at most docks, and a few other places.

In Genie, the following #goto commands work if you're on a map with a news stand:

  • #goto newspaper
  • #goto news stand
  • #goto First Land Herald
  • #goto Herald
Room Title Description Genie Zone Genie Room Lich Room
The Crossing, Hodierna Way east of bank 1 160 731
The Crossing Docks, South End Skirr'lo'lasu dock 1 169 937
The Crossing, Alfren's Ferry ferry dock 1 236 957
Riverhaven, Town Square town square 30 8 389
Riverhaven, East Pier Lybadel and Kree'la dock 30 104 471
Langenfirth, Wharf barge dock 40 36 3434
Therenborough, Horseman's Run one north of gate 42 3 3162
Shard, Moonstone Street just outside bank 67 81 2512
Ratha, Port Walk outside Neh dock 90 4
Uaro Dock, Port of Ratha Night Sky dock 90 234
Uasin Dock, Port of Ratha Tasia'zaul dock 90 262
Mer'Kresh, The Galley Dock galley dock 107 113
Fang Cove, Walkway just outside bank 150 10
Outer Hibarnhvidar, Market Road outside The Singing Raven 116 13
Aesry Surlaenis'a, Staho Pivo'hrr'schu'Mus by the Crystal Wave 99 93
  • Note: There are other NPCs present in the game who sell newssheets, but only imps will sell the newsletter that has the Herald. Other newssheets are very much out of date.


Article PageHeadlineDateAuthor(s)
The First Land Herald/438-03-02New Dragon Priest Powers Revealed in Skirmish at the Spire438-03-02Ruea
The First Land Herald/438-01-26Charity Ball Interrupted by Poison, Defenestration438-01-26Navesi
The First Land Herald/438-01-15Creeping Ichor and Bone Creatures Attack the Crossing438-01-15Navesi
The First Land Herald/437-10-30Basalt Isle Evacuation Largely Succeeds437-10-30Navesi
The First Land Herald/437-09-10Custodians are Evolving, Slip Restraints and Invade Again437-09-10Navesi
The First Land Herald/437-09-02Nefis Burns Ratha, Sivroch Attacks Minds437-09-02Navesi
The First Land Herald/437-09-01Emerald Templar Attends Vision Meeting Ilithi437-09-01Shaylynne
The First Land Herald/437-08-18The Perverse Grandstand, Zoluren and Therengia Pledge to Aid Moglin437-08-18Navesi
The First Land Herald/437-08-17Lightning Creatures Strike, New Area of Zengmodaleth Revealed437-08-17Navesi
The First Land Herald/437-06-30Srinoja Sabotages Negotiations, Sets Fire to Kygar's Pub437-06-30Navesi
The First Land Herald/437-05-38Pirate Srinoja Meets for Diplomatic Talks437-05-38Navesi
The First Land Herald/437-05-02House Moglin Recruiting for Strike on Lich437-05-02Navesi
The First Land Herald/436-06-34Gilborn Attack, Tricking Sun Perform Ritual436-06-34Shaylynne
The First Land Herald/436-03-31A Fishy Attack on the Crossing436-03-31Shaylynne
The First Land Herald/436-02-37Latest Visions: Undersea Glow, Alfar Warrior, and More436-02-37Miskton
The First Land Herald/436-02-30Merelew Delegate Formally Asks for Aid436-02-30Navesi
The First Land Herald/436-02-01Andreshlew Sick — Merelew Asks for Aid436-02-01Navesi
The First Land Herald/436-01-18Assault on Dragon Priest Spire436-01-18Navesi
The First Land Herald/435-01-39Barge Heist Hits Northern Pride435-01-39Shaylynne
The First Land Herald/434-10-38A Lesson in Timekeeping - Veralos Speaks, Navesi Faces Herself434-10-38Navesi
The First Land Herald/434-10-11Gorbesh Parley Attempt Results In Temporal Rifts434-10-11Shaylynne
The First Land Herald/434-09-21Harvest Prayers for Ilithi434-10-11Leyhan
The First Land Herald/434-09-14 (2)S'Kra Mur Investigate the Kra'Hei434-09-14Leyhan
The First Land Herald/434-09-14 (1)A Night of Drawg and Danger434-09-14Shaylynne
The First Land Herald/434-08-10Ilithi Adan'f and Dirge Cabalists Expand Their Territories434-08-10Shaylynne
The First Land Herald/434-07-22Gorbesh Invade Guilds and Temple434-07-22Navesi
The First Land Herald/434-06-38 (1)Stunning Success of Elemental Experiment: A First Look into the Plane of Electricity434-06-38Navesi
The First Land Herald/434-06-38 (2)Prayers for Redemption434-06-38Shaylynne
The First Land Herald/434-06-25Apparent Temporal Disturbances Continue434-06-25Shaylynne
The First Land Herald/434-04-15Negotiants Visit During Lunar Experiment, Discussion Upcoming434-04-15Shaylynne
... further results


  1. Disclaimer: All articles are written by players and submitted to a GM before being published in game. Articles are written In Character and represent the PC author's interpretation of events.

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