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Wm thumb.jpgWarrior Mage Guild
Abbreviation: C F
Requirements: 20th Circle, 1 Fire cantrip, 120 Elemental Magic skill
Difficulty: 3rd tier
Type / Skill: cantrip / -
Path: Fire
Description: The Flashpoint cantrip causes a bright burst of incredibly hot flame to vaporize an item you are holding, destroying it utterly. Though it cannot be used on items which are magic or any great size or value, you may find it is useful when you need to dispose of unwanted junk. Since you cannot undo this process, however, you should be absolutely certain you never want to see the object again before using this cantrip on it!
Effect: destroy held object
Messaging: You focus the cantrip's pattern on the broken rune in your hand, and are soon rewarded with a bright flash of fire! The rune is consumed entirely by the small conflagration, leaving a few flakes of grey ash drifting from your fingertips.

Roundtime: 5 seconds


[Syntax to prepare the cantrip is: PREPARE CANTRIP Flashpoint]
[Syntax abbreviation to prepare is: prep c f]
  • Flashpoint will destroy most low value non magical items. Useful for removing cursed gems and boxes.
  • If Incinerate is memorized, Flashpoint will take the form of Blackfire. (obsolete)
  • Flashpoint will change form to match the element of spells being prepared.