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A tattoo or cosmetic tattoo is a decorative adornment to your character that shows up in the Features section of your display.

The tattoo will show up on the 2nd to last line of your features section, immediately above your health display. As an example:

You have a name, guild & race.
You have some eyes, nose, etc. (ie. features).
You have a height.
You have an age.
You have a tattoo.
You are in good shape.

Tattoo Placement

Standard tattoos can be placed in one of twenty-four locations.

You will CHOOSE the location for your art after ORDERing your tattoo.

  • forehead
  • cheekbone
  • left cheekbone
  • right cheekbone
  • left temple
  • right temple
  • chin
  • abdomen
  • shoulder
  • forearm
  • left wrist
  • right wrist
  • left palm
  • right palm
  • thigh
  • left hip
  • right hip
  • calf
  • left knee
  • right knee
  • left shin
  • right shin
  • left ankle
  • right ankle

Standard tattoos will follow one of the following patterns:

  1. [He/She] has a tattoo of [tattoo description] on [his/her] [location].
  2. [His/her] [location] has a tattoo of [tattoo description].

Tattoo Shops

In addition to custom tattoos given at festivals and via auctions, there are a number of tattoo shops that offer a wide variety of styles, themes and locations for the tattoo.

Tattoo Removal

Cosmetic tattoo removal can be found at the tattoo shops listed above. However, many of these shops are retired, microtransaction event or festival-only.
Tattoo removal available 24/7 ingame can be purchased at:

Shop Location Cost Restrictions
Solvajelt Lasa'Zindu Hara'jaal 5000 lirums (5 gold) Open to the Public
Magical Art Ratha 30 LTB points Estate Holder and LTBs
Prickle Tattoo Shop Crossing 30 LTB points Estate Holder and LTBs
Athyiro's Art for Skin Riverhaven 30 LTB points Estate Holder and LTBs
Grey Raven Commissary Crossing 25 scrip Grey Raven prison scrip*

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