Artistry of Flesh (1)

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Artistry of Flesh
Event Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Tattoo shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Artistry of Flesh]
The room is low and cell-like, an excess of gaethzen orbs hanging from the ceiling filling the small space with a harsh, sterile light. The only piece of furniture is a large reclining chair bearing a range of gadgets both mundane and alien. Samples of flash cover the far wall, the only break from the scrubbed metal. A thin young Kaldaran man, presumably the artist, stands rigidly out of the way with a flat expression. You also see a darkened door marked with concentric circles and a posted catalog.
Obvious exits: none.

Artistry of Flesh
We're willing to put our art on your:
  • 1) shoulder
  • 3) cheekbone
  • 5) left wrist
  • 7) abdomen
  • 9) chin
  • 11) right cheekbone
  • 13) left ankle
  • 15) left temple
  • 17) left hip
  • 19) left palm
  • 21) right shin
  • 23) right knee
  • 2) forehead
  • 4) thigh
  • 6) right wrist
  • 8) forearm
  • 10) left cheekbone
  • 12) calf
  • 14) right ankle
  • 16) right temple
  • 18) right hip
  • 20) right palm
  • 22) left shin
  • 24) left knee
Check the MENU for art you enjoy.
Then CHOOSE the location for your art after ORDERing your tattoo.
[CHOOSE REMOVE for tattoo removal.]
Artistry of Flesh
Item Price Done
1) a mad-eyed chimera devouring the body of a slain wolf 100,000   
2) a complex tyura circle depicted in brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow 100,000   
3) a complex tyura circle depicted in vernal shades of white, green, and blue 100,000   
4) a complex tyura circle depicted in vivid shades of yellow, red, and white 100,000   
5) a complex tyura circle depicted in stark shades of white, pink, and violet 100,000   
6) a golden thirteen-pointed star bound within a circle 100,000   
7) a dusky blue triple-tined claw bound within a circle 100,000   
8) a lurid purple open eye bound within a circle 100,000   
9) a stylized sunburst in simple strokes of stark black 100,000   
10) a stylized flame within a square in fluid strokes of charcoal grey 100,000   
11) a verdantly-shaded serpent biting its own tail 100,000   
12) a simple stylized ouroboros in stark black ink 100,000   
13) a curved knife shaded in the brilliant hues of a sunrise 100,000   
14) a corroded knife wreathed in brilliant golden flames 100,000   
15) two lines converging at the bottom of a circle wreathed by profusions of healing herbs 100,000   
16) an abstracted star map of the winter sky depicted in rich shades of violet 100,000   
17) a single arrow radiating rays of richly-shaded sunlight 100,000   
18) a mangy crouched raccoon with milky-white eyes 100,000   
19) a spiral of scorched phoenix feathers trailing ashes and tongues of golden flame 100,000   
20) a jewel-toned naga devouring its own tail 100,000   
21) a circle bounded by a square, bounded by a triangle, bounded by another circle 100,000   
22) a snarling chimerical familiar crushing a talisman in its jaws 100,000   
23) the symbol for aether rendered in striking incarnadine hues 100,000   
24) a bulbous hourglass containing prismatic swirls of sand 100,000   
25) a shattered hourglass wreathed with prismatic whorls of sand 100,000   
26) delicate pale blue sirese blossoms climbing up the corroded blade of a broken knife 100,000   
27) a writhing golden serpent impaled on the blade of a knife 100,000   
28) a tiny magpie in muted shades of blue and grey with a broken wing 100,000   
29) a feral mastiff crushing the skull of a mongoose in its jaws 100,000   
30) a pure white unicorn with a broken horn trampling a verdant green serpent 100,000   
Tattoo services cost 100000 Dokoras. Removal costs 10000 Dokoras.
No refunds. Not responsible for accidents.