Prickle Tattoo Shop

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Prickle Tattoo Shop
Province Zoluren
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1c
Owner Prickle
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Tattoo shops, Estate Holder shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts LTB points

[Prickle Tattoo Shop]
Pale oak walls are covered with various examples of the designs in skin art, ranging from the simple to extreme in detail. The smell of fresh ink permeates the room, wafting from the shelves that line the far wall. A couch lies in one corner, covered in dark tapestries with a footstool placed nearby, while some tables are evenly spaced about the shop.

Prickle Tattoo Shop
We're willing to put our art on your:
  • 1) shoulder
  • 3) cheekbone
  • 5) left wrist
  • 7) abdomen
  • 9) chin
  • 11) right cheekbone
  • 13) left ankle
  • 15) left temple
  • 17) left hip
  • 19) left palm
  • 21) right shin
  • 23) right knee
  • 2) forehead
  • 4) thigh
  • 6) right wrist
  • 8) forearm
  • 10) left cheekbone
  • 12) calf
  • 14) right ankle
  • 16) right temple
  • 18) right hip
  • 20) right palm
  • 22) left shin
  • 24) left knee
Check the MENU for art you enjoy. Then CHOOSE the
location for your art after ORDERing your tattoo.
CHOOSE REMOVE for tattoo removal.
Item Price Done
1 -a bearded barbarian gleefully snapping a beautifully crafted zengalmi wand into several pieces 300   
2 -a gleaming silver tower shield crossed with pearly white calligraphy reading "On Smite Duty!" 300   
3 -a large fist armored in a heavy plate gauntlet crushing a lockpick to dust within its grasp 300   
4 -a leering alfar avenger leaning casually on his blade, surrounded by the bodies of fallen foes 300   
5 -a wreath of healing herbs with tiny jadice flowers spelling out "No Tips Accepted!" 300   
6 -a cleric sitting on top of a pile of favor orbs which spell out "Get More Favors!" 300   
7 -an open ironwood coffer overflowing with platinum and gold coins 300   
8 -several shadowy figures surrounding a bonfire bordered by the phrase "Our Method, Evolution" 300   
9 -the phrase "Our Method, Evolution" in bold script upon a flowing banner 300   
10 -three full moons rising above the horizon at sunset against a field of faint stars 300   
11 -a phoenix rising out of the burning remains of a gorbesh fortress 300   
12 -a pockmarked humanoid figure garbed in a healing apron resting under a sanrisi tree 300   
13 -a smirking man sitting on a massive mound of boxes picking his teeth with a lockpick 300   
14 -a shadowy figure stalking an oblivious merchant prince through a busy marketplace 300   
15 -an ink-stained scholar working at a small desk surrounded by star-strewn maps of the skies 300   
Tattoo Removal 30