Athyiro's Art for Skin

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Athyiro's Art for Skin
Province Therengia
Town Riverhaven
Map Ranik's Map 31f
Owner Athyiro
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Tattoo shops
This store only accepts LTB points

[Some Fallen Stones, Athyiro's Art for Skin]
Stacked several stones high, a makeshift structure has been created from the castle's crumbling walls. The structure does very little to protect against the elements, but care has been given to keep it as clean as possible for those who stop by. Ribbons and colorful cloths are draped about in an effort to make the area more appealing.

Item Price Done
1 -a dark plate-clad warrior wielding a greatsword against a fearsome giant 300   
2 -a slender man in leather armor wielding twin scimitars against a giant 300   
3 -a silver shield etched with the words "Honor Until Death" 300   
4 -a shadowy hunter aiming a bow at a pouncing cougar 300   
5 -a calm warrior standing alone against an army charging across a barren plain 300   
6 -a silver glint within the hand of a shadowy figure 300   
7 -a pair of emerald eyes following a plump Kaldar with overflowing pouches 300   
8 -a crouching tanned Kaldar wearing a deep purple cloak 300   
9 -a dark skinned Kaldar riding on a white gryphon in a twilight sky 300   
10 -a hip-deep pile of bursting containers surrounding a dismayed young adventurer 300   
11 -a buxom pirate wench winking flirtatiously while holding an overflowing tankard of ale aloft 300   
12 -a devastatingly handsome gypsy lad playing a violin before a roaring bonfire 300   
13 -a merchant princess squinting appraisingly at a kneeling smitten suitor 300   
14 -an enterprising young boy hawking his wares to an eager crowd 300   
15 -a petite, axe-wielding man garbed in thick layers of skins 300   
16 -a fair man yawning in indifference at an advancing shadowbeast 300   
17 -a singing barmaid with a beribboned tambourine encircled by drunken patrons 300   
18 -a panther-hilted dagger lodged firmly into the back of a pale, sprawled out form 300   
Item Price Done
1) shoulder 0   
2) forehead 0   
3) cheekbone 0   
4) thigh 0   
5) left wrist 0   
6) right wrist 0   
7) abdomen 0   
8) forearm 0   
9) chin 0   
10) left cheekbone 0   
11) right cheekbone 0   
12) calf 0   
13) left ankle 0   
14) right ankle 0   
15) left temple 0   
16) right temple 0   
17) left hip 0   
18) right hip 0   
19) left palm 0   
20) right palm 0   
21) right shin 0   
22) left shin 0   
23) right knee 0   
24) left knee 0