Eluned's Dreams in Flesh (1)

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Eluned's Dreams in Flesh (1)
Event Feast of Eluned 1
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Tattoo shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Eluned's Dreams in Flesh]
The mother-of-pearl walls are a pristine white, reflecting light in iridescent swirls. Cabinets are stocked with dyes of every imaginable color and shade. Comfortable looking benches and stools are spaced about the room. Small tables are setup in the corners of the shop. You also see an arch and a book.
Obvious exits: out.

You flip through a book.
Item Price Done
a glistening azure dolphin leaping playfully over Xibar 15,000   
an owl perched on a stack of musty tomes 15,000   
two amber-eyed ferrets with their tails intertwined and paws outstretched to grasp a single flawless heart-shaped ruby 15,000   
a snarling wolverine 15,000   
two sharks circling one another nose to tail 15,000   
an albatross in flight over a white-capped ocean 15,000   
a ghost ship floating in the eye of a swirling funnel of water 15,000   
an ethereal woman dancing in the ocean surf 15,000   
an ice-covered heart 15,000   
a city of delicate coral towers and pearl spires 15,000   
a brightly glowing unicorn prancing in the ocean surf 15,000   
a giant sand crab with its claws raised menacingly 15,000   
a skeletal sailor adorned in rotting seaweed 15,000   
a gaping shark's head with rows of razor-sharp teeth 15,000   
a full-masted sailing vessel on a violent ocean 15,000   
a fluttering flag with the Gorbesh insignia 15,000   
various markings and lines which appear to form a map 15,000   
a water elemental staring with iridescent eyes 15,000   
a sunken ship resting quietly on the ocean floor 15,000   
an electric eel surrounded by coils of lightning 15,000   
Eluned's Dreams in Flesh 

We offer only the best workmanship. To provide you the highest quality service please ORDER your 
tattoo design first then CHOOSE the location. You will be instructed how to proceed afterwards by 
our artists. 


1 = FACE 2 = NECK 3 = ARM 4 = CHEST 

5 = BACK 6 = LEG 7 = HAND 8 = ANKLE 9 = WRIST 


Some of our dyes are fairly toxic and so we will not allow a customer to have more than one tattoo 
at a time. We also claim no responsibility for loss of life or limb due to infection. 

PRICE is 15000 kronars 

Cost of the tattoo removal procedure is 5000 kronars 

To get a tattoo removed just CHOOSE REMOVE