Macau's Skin Art

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Macau's Skin Art
Event Romancing the Seas
Owner Macau
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Tattoo shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Jaal Jeraya, Macau's Skin Art]
Fine polished wood accents the walls and floor of this small merchant's stall. Here a grinning Gor'Tog readies his instruments of torture -- for what is commonly referred to as tattoo art. A tall-backed chair and a basket of lavender complete the sparse decor of this room. You also see a dog-eared book of skin art and a door.
Obvious exits: none.

You flip through a dog-eared book of skin art.
Item Price Done
a blood red rosebud encircled by dark green vines ?   
a buxom blonde mermaid kissing a bloated fish ?   
a scarlet dragon against an ebony star-shaped background ?   
a fairy ring with dancing Halflings and Gnomes carrying huge tankards ?   
a pair of beady yellow eyes gazing out of a thick evergreen forest ?   
a bare-chested pirate with a girl under one arm and a keg in the other ?   
a band of jackals surrounding a small girl with a huge claymore grasped firmly in her hands ?   
a silvery knife plunged into a bloody heart ?   
a jester wearing a colorful hat and juggling various musical instruments ?   
a braided wreath of pine branches and rowanberries ?   
a soaring bridge of sun-glittered ice spanning the chasm between two fangs of somber rock ?   
a ruined watchtower circled by wide-winged ravens ?   
an ancient winter-bare tree spreading stark branches across the cold face of Xibar ?   
a mounted Horse Clan hunter with gauntleted fist raised toward a stooping falcon ?   
a whirling sword dancer with dual blades raised in fierce salute ?   
a branch of amber and orange autumn foliage ?   
a silver-furred leucro wearing a collar of thorny briars ?   
a leaping white stag with antlers of gold ?   
a ship under full sail scudding across a moonlit sea ?   
an iron rose with razor-toothed leaves ?   
a scrawny yak sitting atop a flustered and squashed trader ?