Jonix and Vexla Body Art

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Jonix and Vexla Body Art
Event Theren Festival 1
Owner Jonix, Vexla
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Tattoo shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Jonix and Vexla Body Art, Common Area]
A lantern hanging from the center pole gives off an amber light that lends a dusky sheen to everything -- and everyone -- within the bearhide walls. Esoteric and marvelous shapes and designs crawl over the entire inner surface, guiding the eye from one wonder to the next in a dizzying journey of the imagination. The cloying scent of jasmine and sandalwood wafts from small oil burners while long wooden benches, intricately carved with whorls and sigils, offer a place to sit and avoid most of the smoke. You also see a tent opening, a large sign and a leather flap.
Obvious exits: none.

Welcome to our tent. My wife, Vexla, and I will be happy to offer our services throughout the festival. 
Be advised however that we do not place our mark on just anyone. You must give us a reason that you wish your 
body to be permanently touched by our art...a story, a desire, a piece of your own life for us to mark your flesh.

The cost of our work begins at approximately two platinum Lirums and goes up based on the complexity and intricacy 
of the design. Payment is IN ADVANCE. There will be no refunds, reworkings or other drivel of that nature. 
Removal of existing tattoos is available for a fee.

We are able to place tattoos on one of the following locations:

forearm              hand               right palm           left palm          
                                        right knuckles       left knuckles
neck                 forehead           right temple         left temple
chin                 cheekbone          right cheekbone      left cheekbone     
leg                  thigh              right hip            left hip             
calf                 shins              right shin           left shin          
shoulder             ankle              right ankle          left ankle          
arm                  wrist              right wrist          left wrist          
tail                 knees              right knee           left knee          
face                 lips               upper lip            lower lip          
chest                abdomen            back                 lower back

If you seek audience with us, you should remember that you desire our artistry and behave accordingly. 
ANY behavior which we find unsuitable will stop the work immediately.