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Magical Art, Thuyza's Tattoo Place
Province Qi'Reshalia
Town Ratha
Map Ranik's Map 90
Owner Thuyza
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Tattoo shops, Estate Holder shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts LTB points

[Magical Art, Thuyza's Tattoo Place]
The incessant droning of the crowds outside is hardly dulled by the rickety structure. Attempts to mend the numerous rotted holes in the wood are evident, and many of the attempted fixes display signs of being patched as well. From time to time, an errant beggar will peek through the door, only to have Thuyza hurl the nearest empty ink bottle in his or her face. You also see a wooden door, some tables with some tools on it, a catalog and Skin Artist Thuyza.

Thuyza's Tattoo Place
We're willing to put our art on your:
  • 1) shoulder
  • 3) cheekbone
  • 5) left wrist
  • 7) abdomen
  • 9) chin
  • 11) right cheekbone
  • 13) left ankle
  • 15) left temple
  • 17) left hip
  • 19) left palm
  • 21) right shin
  • 23) right knee
  • 2) forehead
  • 4) thigh
  • 6) right wrist
  • 8) forearm
  • 10) left cheekbone
  • 12) calf
  • 14) right ankle
  • 16) right temple
  • 18) right hip
  • 20) right palm
  • 22) left shin
  • 24) left knee
Check the MENU for art you enjoy. Then CHOOSE the
location for your art after ORDERing your tattoo.
CHOOSE REMOVE for tattoo removal.
Tattoo MENU
Item Price Done
1 -a fierce-looking alfar avenger brandishing a jagged edged blade 300   
2 -a leafy forest woodwisp peeking out from behind a large linden tree 300   
3 -a hairy dog-faced dirnel wearing an adoring expression 300   
4 -a smirking dark-robed magess holding a glistening water ball behind her back 300   
5 -a slender glass wand crossed with a wickedly curved scimitar wreathed in flame 300   
6 -a dazzling flurry of silvery blue music notes surrounding a bewildered black leucro 300   
7 -a series of intricate celestial symbols inked in shimmering crimsons, azures and ebony 300   
8 -a thin scarlet-robed figure standing amidst several bluish lightning bolts 300   
9) -a heavy boot crushing a skeletal hand underfoot as it claws its way from a grave 300   
10 -a white skull and crossbones set against a rectangular black background 300   
11 -a cracked white skull surrounded by blue flames 300   
12 -a cracked white skull surrounded by green flames 300   
13 -a cracked white skull surrounded by red flames 300   
14 -tattered cobwebs spun between the skeletal branches of a barren tree 300