Taisidon Skin Art (2)

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Taisidon Skin Art
Event Taisidon Safari 412, Return to Taisidon, Taisidon Safari 420
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Tattoo shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Taisidon Skin Art]
Small but comfortable, the sparseness of the furnishings is contrasted by the busy walls of the stall. Each curved surface is covered with parchments depicting the various tattoo designs available and tiled with large mosaics of the designs. Next to an oddly shaped bench rests a table covered with jars of various colors and needles of varying sizes, with a shh'oi paguur skull serving as a centerpiece.
Obvious paths: out.

Item Price Done
1 - a fishing hook shadowed to appear embedded in the skin ?   
2 - a mangy parrot missing patches of feathers ?   
3 - a peg-legged pirate wielding a razor-sharp sword ?   
4 - a rusty anchor resting among some rocks ?   
5 - a colorful parrot flying across a sunset horizon ?   
6 - a large oyster open to reveal a brilliant pearl ?   
7 - two pirate ships engaged in battle on a rough sea ?   
8 - a brilliant sunrise mirrored in a serene ocean ?   
9 - a wild silvery horse galloping across a golden sandy beach ?   
10 - a skull and crossbones silhouette ?   
11 - a playful shh'oi paguur hanging from a tropical tree ?   
12 - a crouching arzumos stalking its prey hidden in tall grasses ?   
13 - a blue-violet dragon curled around a tropical island ?   
14 - a fierce crocodile clutching a giant blue diamond in its jaws ?   
15 - two leaning palm trees framing a sunset over a quiet ocean ?   
16 - a lone ship at sea against a starry midnight-blue backdrop ?   
17 - a dark red-eyed pard gritting its teeth ?   
18 - a wreath of tropical flowers ?   
19 - a scowling parrot wearing an eye patch and a bandana ?   
20 - a windblown palm tree backlit by Yavash's crimson glow ?   
21 - a Merelew maiden lounging on a rock amongst rough surf ?   
22 - a gleaming dagger thrust through a bleached skull ?   
23 - a flailing adventurer desperately struggling to escape a whirlpool ?   
24 - a dragon egg settled in a nest of flames ?