Taisidon Skin Art (1)

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Taisidon Skin Art (1)
Event Return to Taisidon
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 1
Store Type tattoo shops
This store only accepts Lirums
Item Price Done
1 | a tattered black skull and crossbones flag still attached to a splintered mast 15,000   
2 | a shadow blade masterfully shaded to appear embedded in the skin 15,000   
3 | a small shh'oi paguur curled into a ball 15,000   
4 | a sinuous elsralael curved smoothly in a serpentine shape 15,000   
5 | two slender crossed spears adorned with detailed multi-colored feathers 15,000   
6 | a colorful parrot with its wings spread against the backdrop of a stormy sky 15,000   
7 | a delicate heaven gazer lilly nestled in a bed of soft green moss 15,000   
8 | a mud-splattered adventurer with skinned knees waving a spotted lizard tail 15,000   
9 | two sticks poised above a primative skin drum 15,000   
10 | a huge Taisidonian pearl nestled inside an opened oyster 15,000   
11 | two tall dark stones leaning towards each other in mute harmony framing the sea in a natural arch 15,000   
12 | a panoramic arc of a jungle beach with waves crashing against a volcanic cliff 15,000   
13 | five skulls stacked in a macabre pyramid 15,000   
14 | a brightly colored ceremonial mask edged with tiny feathers 15,000   
15 | a lithe dragon guarding a large treasure trove of brightly colored gems 15,000   
16 | a long dagger clenched in the jaws of a glowering peg-legged pirate 15,000   
17 | a lone sailing ship anchored in a sheltered rocky cove 15,000   
18 | a fanciful winged fish against a midnight blue starry backdrop 15,000   
19 | a wild black horse galloping among some sea grass 15,000   
20 | a violet-eyed dragon hovering protectively over a nest of eggs 15,000   
21 | a multi-hued sunset mirrored over a calm ocean 15,000   
22 | an overflowing treasure chest packed with coins and multicolored gems 15,000   
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We provide the highest quality skin artwork. To give you the best service please ORDER 
your tattoo design first then CHOOSE the location. You will be instructed how to proceed from there.

1 = FACE 2 = NECK 3 = ARM 4 = CHEST
5 = BACK 6 = LEG 7 = HAND 8 = ANKLE 9 = WRIST

Some of our dyes are fairly toxic and so we will not allow a customer to have more than 
one tattoo at a time. We also claim no responsibility for loss of life or limb due to infection.

PRICE is 15000 lirums
Cost of a tattoo removal procedure is 5000 lirums
To get a tattoo removed just CHOOSE REMOVE