Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 439/End loot

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  • There is "a wide trail that leads around to the end of the corn maze" that can take you to the kernel items without having to redeem a pass and go through the maze.
  • The kernel cost listed is for Prime. Platinum costs are reduced by 25%.
  • Items in bold are new or have been upgraded from the previous year's version.
  • Items in italics have had their prices reduced (but no other changes).



  • A tiny Halfling wanders all the rooms - ask questions about the maze lore & NPC's

Room 1

Room 2

bronze hook
Item Price Done
"The pot lid has a fire flare enchantment."
dented pot lid dappled with scorch marks 20   
silver hook
Item Price Done
ceremonial vardite aegis bristling with kertig spikes 80   
triangular black tursa sipar inlaid with the emblem of Saint Detlef 80   
gold hook
Item Price Done
diamondwood shield reinforced with silversteel spikes 750   
swordsman armor stand
Item Price Done
"If you're a swordsman and you've been looking for some swordsman's armor, you could buy this."
swordsman's pack fortified with a multitude of leather straps 100   
sculpted agonite counter embedded with shimmering dragon fire opals
Item Price Done
"Look at the stuff on the mannequin. Really focus on it. All that stuff is in the backpack. Really. I don't know how it doesn't just burn right through the backpack, either. It must be magic!"
dusky dreamweave backpack clasped with a shimmering dragon fire opal 15000   
blue shelf
Item Price Done
"The plate armor pieces have an electric flare, the chain armor pieces have a fire flare, and the leather armor pieces have a frost flare."
silversteel light full plate brushed with black gold filigree 100   
heavy chain hauberk emblazoned with a blue-white phoenix 100   
sleek demonscale leathers darkened to a deep abyssal black 100   !!
green shelf
Item Price Done
"The chain armor piece has a fire flare."
heavy chain balaclava with wide accents resembling flaming phoenix wings 50   
yellow shelf
Item Price Done
"The plate armor pieces have an electric flare, the chain armor pieces have a fire flare, and the leather armor pieces have a frost flare."
silversteel light plate gauntlets brushed with black gold filigree 30   
heavy chain gloves bearing a blue-white phoenix 30   
sleek demonscale gloves darkened to a deep abyssal black 30   !!
tapered demonscale helm darkened to a deep abyssal black 30   !!
orange shelf
Item Price Done
"The plate armor pieces have an electric flare, the chain armor pieces have a fire flare, and the leather armor pieces have a frost flare."
silversteel light plate mask brushed with black gold filigree 20   
silversteel dome helm brushed with black gold filigree 20   
contoured demonscale mask darkened to a deep abyssal black 20   !!
red shelf
Item Price Done
"The plate armor piece has an electric flare."
silversteel light plate aventail brushed with black gold filigree 10   
glittery black plank
Item Price Done
"All shields on the black plank are enchanted with a glitter flare."
hammered ka'hurst shield of abyssal black 90   
glittery cupcake-shaped targe sprinkled with raspberry-pink spikes 90   
glittery pink plank
Item Price Done
"All armor pieces on the pink plank are enchanted with a glitter flare."
sleek darkstone chain mask encrusted in blood rubies 20   
foggy grey seasilk mask embellished with tempest sapphires 20   !!
glittery purple plank
Item Price Done
"All armor pieces on the purple plank are enchanted with a glitter flare."
darkstone chain gloves embellished with blood rubies 30   
darkstone chain helm adorned with blood ruby horns 30   
cloudy blue leather gloves lined with foggy grey seasilk 30   !!
cloudy blue leather helm spiked with a row of tempest sapphires 30   !!
glittery white plank
Item Price Done
"All armor pieces on the white plank are enchanted with a glitter flare."
darkstone chain hauberk with imbricated pauldrons spiked with blood rubies 100   
foggy grey leathers edged in seasilk braiding 100   !!

Room 3

  • circuitous path that goes around to the start of the maze - takes you out of the area and back towards the Arthe Dale road
  • A tired Halfling - REDEEM a corn maze ticket and then JOIN TIRED HALFLING to run the single task version of the maze; 100 simucoin, rewards 10 kernals + 1 incidental.
A sign reads:

The tickets on this surface are only valid with the tired Halfling here.
You cannot use them with the harried Halfling nearby nor the other
Halflings or Gor'Togs elsewhere.  For the passes that the others take,
please visit the other store."
[ OOC: ]

On the gold table

Item Type Details Kernels
handful of corn maze tickets five (5) tickets for the single task version 500 SimuCoins
corn maze ticket one (1) ticket for the single task version 100 SimuCoins

Room 4

bronze cloak rack
Item Price Done
"These cloaks are infested with spiders, but can change appearance. The stone will emit light."
charcoal-grey spidersilk cloak 250   
haematic spidersilk cloak 250   
aurulent spidersilk cloak 250   !!
amaranthine spidersilk cloak 250   !!
small glowing black stone with deep gold veins running through it 250   
glittery diamondwood display
Item Price Done
"The spoons and pigs will float around you, the boots are winged, and the armband will shimmer and change color."
pair of sun vulture-winged boots tinted deep brown 30   
wide black crystal armband filled with floating motes of trapped light 30   
tiny silver spoons with elaborate handles 30   
tiny winged pigs carved from glittering diamondique 30   
whimsical mistglass stand
Item Price Done
"The items on this stand will create a magical illusion effect around you."
crimson moonsilver negeri blossom framed in aldamdin 200   
spectrolite wildling spider with loimic legs 200   
miniature silverwood tree
Item Price Done
"The bee can light things on fire! The birds? Well, they fly away, they come back, they might even bring your words to someone on the way!"
tiny taupe nightingale charm 90   
tiny white dove charm 90   
tiny murder crow charm 90   
oversized bee with a sharp steel stinger 90   
makeshift counter
Item Price Done
"Do you have things you're wearing that you don't want to show, but some things you do? This is your kind of thing!"
shimmering outfit 250   
small tray
Item Price Done
"Everything on here hides some things."
jewelry outfit 150   
armor outfit 150   

Room 5

large cloth-covered table
Item Price Done
"These quivers will produce drake-fang arrows (bone shards) or drake-fang bolts (razor-sharp fangs) on a cooldown."
drake-hide quiver studded with razor-sharp fangs 500   
fang-shaped drake-hide quiver limned in bone shards 500   
diamondwood plinth
Item Price Done
"Focus! Focus! Focus! Oh, and they hit pretty good, too. Anloral is Holy, abyssal quartz is Arcane, ruby is Elemental, diamond is Lunar, jade is Life."
athame with a jade leaf inlaid in the handle 250   
athame with a star-cut diamond inlaid in the handle 250   
athame with a fireball-shaped ruby inlaid in the handle 250   
athame with an abyssal quartz inlaid in the handle 250   
athame with an anloral triskele inlaid in the handle 250   
deobar wall of parry sticks
Item Price Done
"Did you ever raise your arm up to deflect an incoming blow and get hurt? These might help!"
Dwarven iron bracer studded with kertig spikes 60   
pugilist's armguard of layered black steel plates 60   
cerulean sprite-bone parry stick tangled in withered vines 60   
rusty brown cattle goad reinforced with steel bindings 60   
large sherry cask
Item Price Done
"Alcoholic beverages while you're hunting. What could go wrong?"
blackened boozeblade 250   
tall mirrored pedestal
Item Price Done
T'Kashi mirror flail 5000   
moss-covered stump
Item Price Done
bamboo blowgun wrapped in dried morah vines 30   !!
blowgun darts 30   
silver peg
Item Price Done
double-strung spiritwood lockbow with orichalcum tips 60   
gold peg
Item Price Done
"The battle bow is magically good at making you better at using it if you use it right!"
greenheart battle bow adorned with golden feathers 1000   
lacewood plank
Item Price Done
"The icesteel-edged greatsword has a frost flare enchantment."
massive icesteel-edged greatsword with an intricately engraved crossguard 5000   
fir plank
Item Price Done
savage khor'vela riste affixed with jagged obsidian blades 60   
half-handled riste with circular glaes blades 60   
imposing steel flamberge with a corvid hilt 60   
heavy throwing hammer inlaid with silver knotwork 60   
witchclaw pilum with a deeply etched tip 60   
heavy flail with a spiked kertig head 60   
oaken shillelagh weighted with lead 60   
polished steel war sword capped with an amber sphere 60   
bright yellow enameled boomerang resembling a banana 60   
diamondique hhr'ata wrapped with thick bands of haralun 60   
diamondwood quarterstaff carved with vines 60   
birch plank
Item Price Done
glaes throwing stars 15   
tall silver column
Item Price Done
"This sphere is sling ammo that won't lodge, and does fire damage."
matte indurium sphere 300   
sparkling glitvire display
Item Price Done
"The weapons on this display all contain a magical glitter flare."
glittery diamondwood belaying pin edged with svelae stars 75   
sleek diacan shotel with a wickedly curved blade limned in sungold 75   
razor-edged dueling iltesh set with a spiral-cut wraithheart 75   
marble statue of a mage
Item Price Done
"The cambrinth on this staff will hold up to 200 mana."
gnarled khor'vela staff heavily inlaid with cambrinth 200   
razor-sharp steel counter
Item Price Done
"The weapons on this display all contain a magical razor flare."
tyrium imperial war hammer with an agonite handle 75   
tyrium cuska with three agonite chains 75   
gigantic tursa showcase engraved with images of Damaris
Item Price Done
Damaris weapons can be combined and TURNed to swap weapon forms. The weapons come with 5 weapon slots and 180-days of TURNing. Potency crystals will add 5 slots each until it hits a max of 15 weapons and infuser stones will add another 180-days of TURNing each. Damaris weapons can be combined and removed at the wielder's whim. Weapon damage impacts the weapon's current form, regardless of which weapon incurred the damage. Only the current weapon needs to be repaired to remove damage.
Damaris throwing mallet - HT/LB 70   
Damaris bola - LT/SB 70   
Damaris sling 70   
Damaris stonebow - LXB, 6-7s loading 70   
Damaris shortbow - 3-4s loading 70   
Damaris longbow - 4-5s loading 70   
Damaris battle bow - 5-6s loading 70   
Damaris arbalest - HXB, 9-10s loading 70   
Damaris slurbow - HXB, 7-8s loading 70   
Damaris latchbow - LXB, 5-6s loading 70   
Damaris nightstick - staves, melee range 70   
Damaris quarterstaff - staves, pole range 70   
Damaris halberd - polearm 70   
Damaris pike - polearm 70   
Damaris claymore - 2HE 70   
Damaris greatsword - 2HE 70   
Damaris akabo - 2HB 70   
Damaris maul - 2HB 70   
Damaris sledgehammer - LB 70   
Damaris greathammer - LB 70   
Damaris bludgeon - SB 70   
Damaris mace - SB 70   
Damaris falchion - LE 70   
Damaris broadsword - LE 70   
Damaris sabre - SE 70   
Damaris rapier - SE 70   
Damaris oben - SE, well-suited for backstab 70   

Room 6

small curio that looks slightly larger than it did before
Item Price Done
"Make more room on the inside of some things! Get your gadget here!"
golden Gnomish gadget 100   
delicate plinth
Item Price Done
"ALL items on the plinth will ATTUNE to the BUYER! The eddy stores up to two-hundred items weightless through its portal, but container size and weight limits still apply. The spider will assist in transferring memory to knowledge. The egg will provide more challenges or make a foe more challenging. The journal can be used once a day, regardless of how many you have. The medallion summons a reaper and only one medallion can be worn at a time. The hand lets you wear more of those special rings."
yellow glass medallion etched with a large locust 500   
simple farmer's journal with a sketch of a scarecrow across the front 500   
glass egg inlaid in rencate with a magnificent rooster 500   !!
intricate tyrium hand suspended from a cord of darkly glistening spidersilk 500   
steel biomechanical harvester spider - this is a reskinned tarantula 500   
effervescent eddy of honey-hued light captured by a sungold frame 500   !!
dusty barrel
Item Price Done
"The powder in these envelopes might not be what you want, but if you're looking for hidden people, then again, it might."
green envelope 5   !!
blue envelope 5   !!
red envelope 5   
grey envelope 5   !!
slender bookshelf
Item Price Done
"This almanac will help you learn a random skill every ten roisaen."
hefty omnibus almanac with a sturdy indurium cover 1000   
straw-stuffed burlap scarecrow
Item Price Done
"The pouch contains a random incidental item found in the Corn Maze."
small burlap pouch painted with dancing ears of corn 10   
low birch table
Item Price Done
"The box has happy animals outside, but if the animals around you are more dead than happy, you can put their meat in here. The case holds a harp."
brightly painted box with many happy-looking animals 15   !!
etched silver instrument case 15   !!
kertig repair stand
Item Price Done
"The kertig raven will magically repair both armor and weapons every twenty-four hours."
tiny kertig raven with smoky dwalgim eyes 3000   
striated rock
Item Price Done
infuser stone 30   
potency crystal 30   
ceramic brain
Item Price Done
"The ihean mysanda will store a specific skill's field experience for later use. You can TURN the mysanda to change the skill it's attuned to. However, once you RUB or HUG it to add field experience, it will lock to that specific skill and can't be changed afterwards. STUDY the ihean mysanda for more information."
dusty ihean mysanda secured to a crude leather strap 20   !!

Room 7

seaglass otter sculpture
Item Price Done
"The holt is home to a river otter and the den is home to a sea otter. How otterly delightful!"
kokona reed otter holt reinforced with Ilithic applewood 500   
glossy green sea otter's den of interwoven kelp fronds 500   !!
polished quartz counter
Item Price Done
"The carryall has many straps and can be adjusted to be worn in different ways."
multi-strapped carryall 275   
dark diacan stand
Item Price Done
"Tiny on the outside, but inside there's room for 1700 stones worth of stuff, and it is a perfect cube of 21 spans."
tiny star-spangled abyss contained within a sigil-inscribed indurium cage 5500   
wide oak trunk
Item Price Done
"The containers on this trunk can be picked fifty times per day."
ankle pouch with a silversteel lock 150   !!
wrist pouch with a silversteel lock 150   
secure bag with a silversteel lock 150   
large mahogany skippet
Item Price Done
"The training box can be picked 105 times per day."
intricate locksmith's training box fit with a silversteel latch 250   
golden treasure chest
Item Price Done
"The harvest bag can be picked an unlimited amount of times."
oversized harvest bag with a large flap 3000   
tall glass rack
Item Price Done
"The pocket can hold up to twenty-five items, regardless of size!"
pale kirmiko pocket with reinforced seams 350   

Room 8

towering heap
Item Price Done
"Well, there were a lot of things in the barn. No idea what is in these. I think we got most of the varmints out, anyway. The pack smells kind of like dyes, the chest smells like bones, the backpack smells like musty old fabric, the satchel smells like leather, the hip pouch is a lot heavier than it looks and I think there's rocks in it. That splotchy sack could really hold just about anything."
grey kidskin leather traveler's pack with a gleaming uthamar clasp 10   
large felwood warrior's chest with reinforcing iron strips 10   
rugged titanese backpack dangling crystaline charms 10   
icy blue mage's satchel stitched with esoteric geometric patterns 10   
water-stained leather hip pouch bearing a trio of dragon fire opals 10   
splotchy sack decorated with multi-colored dancing cupcakes 10   
tottering pile
Item Price Done
"These sacks are so heavy. Probably just filled with some old lead fishing sinkers. Or some other metallic thing from the way they were clanking on the way over!"
reinforced zenganne sack banded by thick leather belts 20   
large wooden barrel
Item Price Done
"Don't know if shinier is better, but these tools and chisels sure are shiny."
blackened tinker's tools with fine silversteel grips 90   
silversteel chisels with blackened tips 90   
stacked bales of hay
Item Price Done
"Who needs the sun, anyway? As long as you can stuff 10 mana in them, these things will dry whatever you can stuff in'em."
miniature treehouse with a cambrinth-veined trunk 175   
large glass pumpkin set with a wide cambrinth grin 175   
glass table
Item Price Done
"Five times the usual mana in a pyramid!"
wayerd pyramid with a cambrinth capstone 750   

Room 9

braided cornhusk display painted across the front with sloppy lettering
Item Price Done
"Only take this token if you want a scroll. You can't get more than one scroll. Scrolls are limited to one active scroll per person. Once you go through the arch, get your scroll right away. The guards are not smart enough to remember you for long, and you might have to buy a new token. No refunds!"
plaited cornhusk token painted with a crossed scroll and quill - see this post 350   
marble S'Kra Mur statue
Item Price Done
"The golden mirror will change a S'Kra Mur's tail character, the filigree mirror will change a S'Kra Mur's nose character, and the burnished mirror will change an S'Kra Mur's skin color."
burnished mirror patterned with sunset scales 45   
filigree mirror painted with a regal snout 45   
golden mirror painted with a stately tail 45   
limestone Prydaen sculpture
Item Price Done
"The glitvire mirror will change a Prydaen's fur color, the purpleheart mirror will change a Prydaen's ear character, the oak mirror will change a Prydaen's coat marking, the sanrisi mirror will change a Prydaen's nose character."
narrow sanrisi mirror painted with a Prydaen tugging on its whiskers 45   
narrow oak mirror painted with a Prydaen covered in shadowy black markings 45   
narrow purpleheart mirror painted with a crop-earred Prydaen 45   
narrow glitvire mirror painted with a Prydaen covered in thick cloudy white fur 45   
granite Rakash figure in moonskin
Item Price Done
"The white mirror will change a Rakash's coat marking, the tan mirror will change a Rakash's secondary coat color, the curved mirror will change a Rakash's tail character, the silver mirror will change a Rakash's moonskin fur."
small silver mirror painted with the image of a chocolate-brown wolf 45   !!
softly curved mirror painted with a long floofy wolf's tail 45   !!
small tan mirror painted with a gold and silver masked wolf 45   !!
small white mirror painted with a wolf with a caramel-streaked coat 45   !!
alabaster bust with mossy hair
Item Price Done
"The mirrors on this bust will change your hair quirk."
small half-sized mirror reflecting a figure with their head half-shaved 45   
oak trapezoidal mirror reflecting a figure with blood-red tipped hair 45   
cracked square mirror reflecting a figure with grizzled grey streaked hair 45   
polished oblong mirror reflecting a figure with patchy bald spots 45   
filigree silversteel vanity
Item Price Done
"The mirrors on this vanity will change your skin color."
tiny oravir mirror featuring a figure with pearlescent skin 45   
tiny rencate mirror featuring a figure with jaundiced skin 45   
tiny firestained mirror featuring a figure with charred black skin 45   
tiny razaksel mirror featuring a figure with dew-kissed skin 45   
oval copper table in the shape of a stylized eye
Item Price Done
"The mirrors on this table will change your eye character."
shimmery pink mirror featuring a blank face with glittery eyes 45   
celestial blue mirror featuring a blank face with star-flecked eyes 45   
warm brown mirror featuring a blank face with kind eyes 45   
dark black mirror featuring a blank face with fathomless eyes 45   
tiny triangular mirror featuring a blank face with abyssal black eyes 45   
tiny tulvora-handled mirror featuring a blank face with ash-grey eyes 45   
tiny circular mirror featuring a blank face with black-limned mazarine eyes 45   
tiny round mirror featuring a blank face with gold-limned hyacinthine eyes 45   
polished sungold pedestal
Item Price Done
"This compact will store mirrors, as well as allow you to store your current features for later use."
exquisitely pale mistglass compact patterned with delicate rose petals 300   !!

Room 10

ornate jewelry counter
Item Price Done
"These here things make a thing better by two. (That's 2 if you can only read numbers and not words!) You can wear a couple. Be nice if you had a spare hand, though!"
ornate alerce ring - intelligence +2 50   
ornate audrualm ring - agility +2 50   
ornate gloomwood ring - discipline +2 50   
ornate iroko ring - wisdom +2 50   
ornate haralun ring - strength +2 50   
ornate darkstone ring - stamina +2 50   
ornate glitvire ring - charisma +2 50   
ornate niello ring - reflex +2 50   
gingham-covered table
Item Price Done
"The flying umbrella has unlimited uses. The charm will fill a Moon Mage's prediction pool."
cornhusk-canopied umbrella with a cornstalk pole 3000   
tall silver stand
Item Price Done
"The broom will fly."
bogbirch-handled broom with leather-wrapped grips trimmed in rabbit fur 2300   !!
small rosewood curio
Item Price Done
"The scabbard and sheath will bless a weapon within it, the ring will heal poison, the pouch contains a wand that will cast Rutilor's Edge."
steelsilk pouch embroidered with the phrase "Rutilor's Edge" - Rutilor's Edge 500   
matte green serpent ring of polished muracite 500   
plain scabbard with a platinum mongoose buckle 500   
rustic burlap sheath with a black gold corvus buckle 500   
plush velvet pillow
Item Price Done
"The centaur will hold 108 mana."
gaethzen centaur regally posed on a stone 15   !!
small tomiek plinth
Item Price Done
"The icon will recharge a Paladin's Holy Weapon."
aurulent wildling spider icon lambent with moonsilver 75   !!
oblong copper salver
Item Price Done
"The owl inkpot will allow you to cast Tailwind, the pale inkpot will allow you to cast Tranquility."
pale inkpot - Tranquility 200   
owl inkpot - Tailwind 200   
oval silver platter
Item Price Done
"The earcuff will allow you to understand any language, the golden inkpot will allow you to cast Unleash, the rippled inkpot will allow you to cast Resonance, the songsilk pouch contains a wand which will cast Rage of the Clans, the blue pouch contains a wand which will cast Will of Winter, the white pouch contains a wand which will cast Righteous Wrath."
white pouch embroidered with the phrase "Righteous Wrath" - Righteous Wrath 300   
blue pouch embroidered with the phrase "Will of Winter" - Will of Winter 300   !!
songsilk pouch embroidered with the phrase "Rage of the Clans" - Rage of the Clans 300   
rippled inkpot - Resonance 300   
golden inkpot painted with a lidless eye - Unleash 300   !!
sraeth earcuff with intricate icesteel inlay - universal translator 300   
fluted marble pillar
Item Price Done
"The whirlpool is a Targeted Magic focus enchanted for magnitude with a large damage increase, while the lightning bolt is a Targeted Magic focus enchanted for magnitude with a moderate damage and moderate accuracy increase."
jagged ka'hurst lightning bolt tipped with tempest sapphires 380   
scintillating Drogor's Wrath sapphire whirlpool with stylized waves 380   
golden sundial
Item Price Done
"The gyre can suspend and absorb non-offensive spells cast upon you by yourself or by another person and release it back to you at a later time. The gyre can hold up to ten spells per wheel and comes with one wheel. A secondary wheel can be unlocked through the use of a potency crystal. The gyre is sold with a hundred charges and infuser stones will each add seventy-five more charges."
hazy glass gyre prominently inscribed with esoteric runes 250   

Room 11

  • A shifty Halfling - ASK halfling for sack and she will give you a sack in which you can put 6 incidentals (excluding bags/packs/sacks/pouch type containers) that you'd like to trade in for 1 random incidental. Once you have a minimum of 6 items in your sack, GIVE sack to halfling and she will take 6 items from the sack and insert 1 random incidental. You can put more than 6 incidentals in the sack and she will only take 6 at a time (which CAN include any random incidental she has given you that you leave in the sack).