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shimmering outfit
Look: A soft shimmer resonates through the shimmering outfit, making it appear to be every color and yet no color at all. It appears very malleable.
Weight: 5 stones
Appraised Cost: 1,250 Kronars
1,000 Lirums
902 Dokoras
1.25 LTBpoints
1.25 Tickets
1.25 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This item is magical.
  • This item is worn in a generic slot.
  • This item hides unknown objects and/or features.
Dimensions: 15 length x 8 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 436/End loot, Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 432/End loot, Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 428/End loot, Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 425/End loot, Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze 421/End loot, Silvery-green winterweave backpack, Pale brown khiynit pack


  • STUDY: You believe that the shimmering outfit is something that can mimic the appearances of clothing and other wearable items. You are certain that this will not destroy the items, just copy the way they look.
The functionality of the mimicked items will not be saved, only their appearance.
You can APPLY an item to the outfit to save it. This will overwrite anything already there.
You can TAP the outfit to clear the current item.
You can TURN the outfit to change which slot you're saving to.
You can also CHARGE the outfit if you are a Moon Mage to restore its charges.
When you WEAR the shimmering outfit, it will display all items that are saved to it while hiding all others.
You think that you can get hidden items to show up by using SHOW {ITEM} ALWAYS.

This particular shimmering outfit is designed to mimic clothing, containers, and jewelry.
The shimmering outfit can mimic up to eight items.
You think the shimmering outfit is mimicking the following items:
Slot 1: Empty
Slot 2: Empty
Slot 3: Empty
Slot 4: Empty
Slot 5: Empty
Slot 6: Empty
Slot 7: Empty
Slot 8: Empty


  • ANALYZE: Upgrades will add to the number of items the outfit can project.
The item is currently tier 1.
Tier 1: 8 items
Tier 2: 10 items
Tier 3: 12 items
Tier 4: 15 items
Recharge Info:
Using an infuser stone on the shimmering outfit will recharge it back to 20 charges.
The shimmering outfit currently has 20 uses remaining.
A moon mage can also recharge the outfit without need of an infuser stone.
An infuser stone would be ineffective, because the shimmering outfit has too many charges already.
You can't tell anything else about a shimmering outfit.


  • FOCUS: You focus your magical senses on a shimmering outfit.
Small magical currents trace across the surface of the outfit.
You recognize the pattern as a manifestation of Lunar magic.
The outfit is scribed with a minor invisibility spell and has 20 charges left.
The outfit is designed to store the appearance of wearable items and project them over your normal clothing when it's worn.

Moon Mage recharge

  • CHARGE OUTFIT # MANA: You harness a moderate amount of energy and attempt to channel it up to your shimmering outfit. The lunar mana flows from your fingertips into the outfit, making it hot to the touch for a moment as the magic is recharged.
  • Where # is the amount of mana you want to charge your outfit with. 100 mana nets you the full 20 charges.

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