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Corn Maze Scroll Alteration Guidelines · on 12/24/2020 04:56 11418
Some of this information has been provided before, but we thought it would be helpful (for those of you who are still thinking about how to use your scroll) to provide some guidelines on what we will and will not do via Corn Maze scroll.

Approved/Yes List

Corn Maze scrolls may only be used for cosmetic alterations to the appearance (short/tap/look/read). Even if an item is on this list, we never change messaging, functionality, or configuration via scroll.

Additionally, not all GMs who work on scrolls can work on every kind of item that the scroll system supports. Depending on how specialized your item is, it may require more time to process your scroll.

As with all alterations, if you wish to add rare materials that are not already part of the item you're altering, you must provide an appropriate amount of that material before the scroll can be finalized. (Elanthipedia is a good starting point to check whether a material is rare, but we can't guarantee that a player-run resource is 100% accurate in all respects.) The GM who is handling your scroll will contact you (as the "Scarecrow") to collect rare materials.

Item Notes
noun changes for worn fluff at staff's discretion only; the new noun must be synonymous with the original noun and must make sense for the wear location
anatomy compendiums LOOK will display the charts available after the examine
anatomy textbooks LOOK will display the charts available after the examine
chipper weapons cosmetic changes to weapon only, and the chips must still make sense to the new weapon appearance (no changes to chips)
clothing, jewelry, and other fluff
containers (including ones that hold any X items)
crafting tools
epistemic journals (HE2017 gift) noun must remain some kind of journal, diary, or book
EZAtmo/EZScript items (tap/look/read) no messaging changes
flying brooms/carpets/miniature airships miniature airships must remain "miniature" in the tap
food/booze wands no food changes
gems that change color based on lighting conditions only items that already have the gem; adding the gem and its script to another item requires a live merchant
glittery/perfumed clothing no change to messaging
hairstyle jewelry
home exterior decorations similar nouns only; no changing the type of home or other settings
lockpick stackers no noun changes
ritual foci no setting changes (mana type, activation time, etc.)
sanowret crystals no lecture changes
shimmer gowns tap must retain shimmer placeholder and new design must work for any existing messaging/settings
shimmer scarves
skill almanacs noun must remain some kind of book or text
skinning/first aid trainers must remain something that could have leather skinned off of it; no sentient races
TM foci
toolbelts and toolstraps no noun or quantity changes
weapon frogs short name, LOOK, and READ only (full tap changes automatically due to the item's mechanics); LOOK should have weapon frogs included
weapons with food enchantments no food changes
weapons, shields, and armor (including ones with flares) no noun changes; no removal of maker's marks

Unapproved/No List

Some of these items are on the list due to mechanical issues that might be incompatible with the scroll system. Other types of alterations are more complex or exclusive, so we are limiting them to live merchants.

The fact that an item does not appear on the "no" list should not necessarily be construed as an indication that it can be altered via Corn Maze scroll.

Item Notes
anything that is in violation of the alteration standards
adding, changing, or removing EZAtmo/EZScript messaging
adding, changing, or removing scripts
changing wear locations or other mechanics
noun changes for weapons, shields, or armor
removing maker's marks from crafted gear
anatomy charts
Challenger's beverage
biomechanical tarantulas (HE2019 gift)
bird charms
chakrel (Barbarian)
divination tools
eddies (HE2020 gift)
familiars, alfar warriors, and other guild "pets"
fear-resistant cloaks (Barbarian)
feature-altering masks
Hands of Glory (HE2016 gift) can't be altered at all
holy icons (Paladin)
holy weapons (Paladin)
home furniture
live mounts (horses, spiders, etc.)
live vanity pets (kittens, pigs, marnets, otters, bugs, etc.)
living spider cloaks
most feature-altering items
musical instruments
pilgrim's badges
roar helms/masks (Barbarian)
shadowsilk cloaks; adding shadowsilk to anything
soulstones (Paladin)

GM Cordulia

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