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Tentative Magic 3.0 Cleric Spell List · on 10/7/2010 2:53:55 PM 213
General Notes:

- If a major function of a spell isn't mentioned and the spell isn't marked as "same", then that function has likely been removed. Also, "same" refers to the general function(s) of a spell and doesn't mean some details won't change.

- Most of the bonuses versus undead will be consolidated into the Tamsine Commune, which will no longer boost weapons.

- Infusion has been flip-flopping a bit, but the current idea is to have it repair/bolster the Integrity of spells.

- Antinomic Sorcery will not make the Magic 3.0 release. In theory, this sorcery is the corruption of cosmologic Law, while the other high sorceries are corruptions of Meaning and Form. In practice, it will deal with the truly esoteric grey areas of religion ("Are Dergati and Huldah the 'parents' of the World Dragon?") and strange myths twisted into manifestation that are not quite in sync with reality ("What really happens when you Fade?").

- There is going to be a limited form of Alignments as a core part of clerical spellcasting. Every Cleric will be required to dedicate to a specific god, gaining a set of mild bonuses and penalties to the new casting subskills. Rededicating will be possible at a substantial Devotion cost. This is intended to roughly parallel the Warrior Mage and Moon Mage environmental quirks.


Minor Physical Protection
Introductory Warding. Same.

Protection from Evil
Basic Warding. Same. (Not being split, after all.)

Soul Shield
Basic Warding. Same.

Major Physical Protection
Advanced Augmentation. Same

Kertigen's Will
Advanced Debilitation. Magic vs Fortitude. Debuffs the stealth of everything in the area; can reveal the hidden and invisible.

Advanced Augmentation. Same.

Shield of Light
Advanced Utility. Conjures a shield that can be improved via infusion and boosts Shield Usage.

Esoteric TM. Partially Magic vs Reflex. Quick-pulsing, short-duration defense that pushes back and stuns everything within pole range. Damages undead. When used in conjunction with Osrel Meraud, it only pulses when the caster activates it or is in serious peril.

Ghost Shroud (previously Confound Enemies)
Cyclic Warding. Same.

Sanyu Lyba
Esoteric Warding. Summons a spirit creature that will react to a spell cast at the cleric by afflicting its caster with a HulP equivalent afterwards. It doesn't act as a barrier and cannot react too often.


Introductory Augmentation. Pulses to restore balance.

Basic Utility. Repairs a dead player's experience loss.

Basic Utility. Links two players' spirits and heals the weaker one by osmosis.

Basic Augmentation. Boosts charisma and spirit health regeneration.

Soul Sickness
Basic Debilitation. Spirit vs Will. Immobilizes and forces kneeling.

Soul Bonding
Basic Debilitation. Spirit vs Fortitude. Prevents a living target from advancing/retreating and leaving the room, or prepares a dead player for Resurrection.

Eylhaar's Feast
Advanced Utility. Same.

Bitter Feast
Metaspell addition to EF. Removes (at caster's choice) the addiction but causes a short stun.

Advanced Utility. Pulses to do a magical search that only reveals names, and boosts Perception.

Chill Spirit
Advanced TM. Single-strike attack against the target's spirit health. Some of the drained energy is returned to caster.

Soul Attrition
Cyclic TM. Continually abrades the spirit health of both caster and target. Fades if the caster leaves the room, but not if the target does.

(Note on Spirit Deaths: Players will no longer decay immediately. However, Resurrection and Murrula's Flames will not work on you if you died a spirit death. Similarly, deaths by Harm Evil or Harm Horde will prevent a necromancer's Spiteful Rebirth.)


Introductory Utility. Empowers a weapon against undead. Inherently blessed brawling is going away, so you will actually need self-cast Bless for that.

Phelim's Sanction Basic Debilitation. Magic vs Will. Same.

Divine Radiance
Basic TM. Acts as a light source, or unbalances a target and amplifies subsequent holy damage on it for a short time.

Fists of Faenella
Basic TM. Multi-shot, single-target direct damage.

Horn of the Black Unicorn
Basic TM. Single-strike direct damage.

Hand of Tenemlor
Advanced TM. Scroll-only. Single-strike direct damage that can also dispel one beneficial spell. Mangles the caster's hand.

Advanced Debilitation. Spirit vs Fortitude. Same.

Curse of Zachriedek
Advanced Debilitation. Spirit vs Fortitude. Same.

Harm Evil
Advanced TM. Same.

Harm Horde
Esoteric TM. Same.


Glythtide's Gift
Basic Augmentation. Scroll-only. Boosts wisdom and conjures drinks.

Aesrela Everild
Advanced TM. Same.

Heavenly Fires
Metaspell that redirects the bolts of Aesrela Everild to new (creature) targets after their original target is dead.

Cyclic Utility. Same.

Murrula's Flames
Esoteric Utility. Same.

Fire of Ushnish
Esoteric TM. Strikes everything in the area once.


Sanctify Pattern
Basic Augmentation. Boosts one of the Warding, Augmentation, Debilitation, Utility skills at the caster's choice.

Basic Utility. Can dispel any offensive spell, one at a time.

Huldah's Pall
Basic Debilitation. Mind vs Will. Same.

Persistence of Mana
Advanced Augmentation. Self-only bonus to attunement regeneration and the Attunement skill. Clerics will no longer have an innate bonus to attunement regeneration.

Abeyant Orison
Advanced Utility. Same.

Osrel Meraud
Esoteric Utility. Stores non-cyclic beneficial spells.

Ring of Blessings
Metaspell that unlocks the group/room aspects of Protection from Evil, Bless and Rejuvenation.

Idon's Theft
Esoteric Debilitation. Stores several Mind vs Will attacks that can steal a target's prepared spell.

Meraud's Cry
Esoteric Debilitation. Mind vs Will. AoE dispel that drains the caster's spirit.

Spite of Dergati
Esoteric Warding. Mind vs Will. Scroll-only. Erects an anti-magic field that prevents all spellcasting in the area. Fades prematurely if the caster dies or leaves.

Leaping Curses (candidate for renaming)
Cyclic Debilitation. Produces a pulsing AoE version of one of Malediction, Curse of Zachriedek, Uncurse at the caster's choice, provided that spell is also known.

For those of you brimming with questions, please also see the Cleric FAQ folder.

GM Grejuva

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