Hollow Eve Festival 399 Map

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Main Level

Shop Appearance Shop Name Types of Inventory Done
1 gleaming mahogany caravan inlaid with an elaborate compass design above the door Rizadi's Outfitters Clothing YY
1 a large cobweb of carefully woven rope Death From Above Game, possibly deadly
2 steel doorway Witchery Magic skill-boosters (requires light to see) Y
2 mildewed tent Odiferous Ornaments Poor clothing (atmos the room when smelled) and gear YY
2 rusty steel door Slings and Things Slings and ammo YY
2 scrubbed metal door Shugar's Cookie Emporium Cookies (new items!) Y
2 iron door Nectar of the Wisp Glow items (all new items) Y
2 metal arch The Archivist Random scrolls Y
3 circular silk tent Scabbards 'n' Sheaths Weapon containers YY
3 small door The Smaller Side of Life Gnomish Items (many Gnome-only) YY
3 silvery velvet tent Elahkti's Metal Arts Armor and tabards Y
3 dark pine wagon hung with silver rattles and warding beads Misenseor Goods Dark god items (new items!) YY
3 yellow silk tent Simply Essential Skinning knives, gem pouches, and brushes Y*
4 purple tent Lavender and Lace Purple and white clothing and jewelry Y
4 compact pale canvas tent Stuff It Containers and pocketed clothing YY
4 wood-shingled wagon Forever Faithful God-themed cambrinth YY
4 dented black door Toss-O-Rama Throwing weapons YY
4 gaudy wagon Glythtide's Gifts and Gags Jokes YY
5 heavy steel door covered in a myriad of locks Sputkin's Weapons, containers, accessories, icons, and chimes YY
5 driftwood door Mind of Sdai Gift Bags (new items!) Y
5 carved wooden wagon decorated with animal caricatures Your Inner Animal Animal-themed clothing Y
6 frosted crystal door Diamond Deities Souvenirs Y
6 gaily painted door Alimia's Ocarinas Ocarinas Y
7 web-covered doorway Accents for the Arachnophile Spider-themed items Y
7 narrow wooden door A Cultured Attire Weapons, armor, and fluff for the Elven clans. Y
7 a red portal Scarlett's Web Race Climbing game Y
8 tarnished metal door with wooden supports riveted to it Jubby's Tattoos Tattoos Y
8 boot-shaped doorway Give 'Em the Boot Boots Y
8 narrow archway festooned with dark blossoms Nidia's Nightmares Flower items Y
9 a sleek black door with painted jewels and coins House of Bling TF Only bling shop Y
9 elevated blue canvas tarpaulin The Glass Bubble Aquariums Y
9 fuzzy white tent The Naked Sheep Wool and sheep items (closed)
9 ramshackle produce stand Ramshackle Produce Stand Pumpkin carving Y
9 large wagon Sibtiem's Creations Jewelry Y
9 perfectly pretentious pavilion Blanve's Bounty (Estate Holder) Rare jewelry
10 an ornate door Krobble's Karavan Trader Shop store NEW store Y
10 a wide archway Turialo's Haven Season-themed clothing, jewelry, and packs (new items) Y
10 opulent ivory silk tent trimmed with gold braid The Perfect Rose Clothing and Jewelry Y
11 dirty wagon with a bloodstained door Dying to Shop Containers, crossbows, pestles, pinatas Y
11 smoke-damaged aquamarine tent Fishy's Pants Mart Clothing that explodes Y
11 stark white tent painted with a large red eye The Eye of Power Cambrinth Y
11 a polished oak caravan accented with bronze trim Whimsies Clothing, Jewelry NEW Y
11 a dusky wagon Over The Edge Platinum instance-only weapon shop
11 oilcloth stall Fall's Harvest Apple-themed items Y
11 dark oak caravan accented with colorful designs Delicate Creations Clothing Y
12 large purple and white tent Terrific Turnip Turnip themed items (new items!) Y
12 simple red oak caravan Sketchy By Design Writing supplies and paintings (new items!) Y
12 crooked shed In the Hollow Pinatas Y
12 flimsy wooden stall Signs of the Times Signs that you can stand on the ground Y
13 billowing black curtain Asketi's Stop Weapons, leather armor, clothing (new items!) Y
13 dented iron door Tricky Treats Empty
13 large ornate door Behind the Mask Masks (new items!) Y
13 yellow door See The Light Cleric Only Y
13 leather tent with a battered tin chimney Yarrel's Varmint Vittles Meat and alcoholic beverages Y
13 dilapidated door Mob Mentality Weapons and clothes (new items!) Y
13 patched tent Sable's Tent Clothing, magic masks, wings Y
14 low steel door Fangs for the Memory Verby fangs, claws, whips, and clothing Y
14 large chicken-shaped arch Game of Chicken, A Possibly lethal game Y
14 menacing steel arch Musical Chairs of Doom Possibly lethal game
15 red door with "Wicked Windows" set on it in stained glass Wicked Windows Windows for houses YY
16 ironwood double doors Tending the Fold Origami, Religious Tabards Y
16 wildly curvy door made up of S-shaped boards Bobbin' For Bolts Game (WARNING: May Kill You) Y
17 small door decorated with a set of bowling pins being eaten by a skull Skull Bowling Bowling game, jugglies, clothing, jewelry Y
17 ebon friezed archway Relief in the Dark Housing items (estate holder only) YY
18 brass-studded door The Cutting Edge Light edged weapons Y
19 bright door with a fanciful mask painted on it Masquer Aid Complete packaged costumes Y
19 a striped door Mordiv's Fun House Brawling Gear, Game (new shop!)
20 grave earth pile grave earth pile Free digging game (skeleton parts)
20 white door with a picture of a badger in a cloak and hat Beastly Behavior Custom cloaks Y
21 ring of pennants Entrail Toss Throwing game, trinkets, food Y
21 pale canvas tent Natural Selections Beastly brawling weapons Y
- mechanical fortuneteller Metalory Mongeria Wandering fortuneteller

Upper Level

Shop Appearance Shop Name Types of Inventory Done
B a gaudily clothed barker Three Frog Monte Frog Kissing Game Y
C A crowd of spectators Ring Toss Ring Toss Game Y
D Darkbox 100 Dokora to play Y
E Strength Test Game Y
F Sandbox Game Y
55 The Upper Abdomen, Lounge The Upper Abdomen, Lounge Food / Drink Y
22 The Head, Access Hatch The Head, Access Hatch Kaleidoscopes & Puppets (new items!) Y
- large iron arch Hollow Eve 399 Raffle Center Randomly scheduled raffles Y

Lower Level

Shop Appearance Shop Name Types of Inventory Done
H grand mahogany door with fluttering gold pennants Rugged Appeal Animal-part rugs for furniture YY
H colossal mahogany caravan with fluttering gold pennants The Male Persuasion Male clothing
H wicker-paneled door Riding the Range Horse themed clothing Y
23 low arch filled with dark blue drapery Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra S'Kra Mur clothing (verby) and jewelry Y
23 a painted door A Walk on the Wild Side Shoes(new shop!) YY
23 black iron gate with a sign reading RISSAN ROULETTE hanging from it Rissan Roulette Potentially lethal game Y
23 steel door Bare Necessities Rare pelts and woods
24 scuffed metal door painted with a variety of healing herbs On the Mend Alchemy/herbalism tools YY
24 mottled door Packrat's Piece of Paradise clothing and containers Y
24 fine mahogany door Spikan's Sporrans Sporrans YY
25 crimson door hung with a wreathe of autumn leaves Town and Country Exterior decorations for homes Y
25 glass door painted with the image of a handbag Excess Baggage Handbags(new shop!)
25 wooden door covered in fabric swatches Fabric Fantasies Rare fabrics(new shop!)
26 Engine Room Roasting Pit Food roasting location
26 polished ebony door inlaid with an ivory spider web The Spider's Web Gambling
27 flight of narrow stairs Dimly-Lit Workshop This Year's GIFT! Y
27 metal door edged with a silk and leather braid Hide and Silk Wearable machinery, Housing Y
27 plain door This 'N' That Random things Y
28 wooden door Cowsmoopolitan Cow-themed items Y
28 deep blue door carved with a subtle pattern resembling water ripples Liquid Assets Glass jewelry Y
28 grey door painted to resemble a gravestone Grieving Grave Funeral items YY
29 dark door Blythe Spirits Ghostly house pets YY
29 black door set with a red steel horseshoe NightMares Horse items Y
29 rusted metal door set with bones Dry Bones Alchemy gear YY
30 knotty pine door Bones Bone furniture Housing YY
30 colorful door Cuddly Creations Stuffed animals Y
30 scarred ebonwood door Jhanine Dering Cloaks Cloaks Y
31 flannel curtain Sleepwalkers Slippers Y
31 flight of narrow stairs Dimly-Lit Workshop This Year's GIFT! Y
31 white oakwood door Obscured Visions Cambrinth/gweth hiding items Y
31 blackened steel door painted with various weapons Dark Defenders Weapons and Bows(new shop!) Y
31 dark door strung with an assortment of dried appendages Bizarre Bazaar Wierd Clothing and Jars (new shop!) YY
31 banner-draped doorway Huffenclaw's Decadent Delights Chocolate -- Part of Contest (new shop!) Y
32 wooden door Tweets Clothing Y
32 elegantly carved door inlaid with polished cedar panels Eternal Moments Paintings and statues (estate holder only)
32 stained glass archway Clear Visions Glass based items Y
33 patchwork door flap cobbled together from scraps of leather Shenneshwi's Stockpile Leather Flasks, Containers, Whips Y
33 horseshoe-shaped entrance Force of habit Boots, spurs and riding crops(new shop!)
33 baize-covered door displaying a picture of a cane Walk This Way Cane and Walking stick weapons(new shop!) Y
34 arched silver-banded door Ahreusse's Atelier Gem flowers and jewelry Y
34 thin iron door PrEcIouS DeLigHtS Dolls Y
34 many-layered gossamar curtain Ilithian Heritage Elf and Elothean(only?) items. (new shop!)
34 a large round door Dark Delights Candy with chocalate fountain Y
35 swinging bamboo doors The Joys of Noise Instruments Y
35 metal door engraved with a glaring pumpkin Blood and Gourd Bobbing for pumpkins (with prizes)
36 granite-framed steel arch with a black widow keystone Witch Stitch is Which Embroidery supplies (Trader only)
36 a brass door Exaltation Titinnabulum Bells (new shop!) Y
36 iron-bound oaken door Basimah's Bows, quivers and slings Y
37 gleaming metal door draped with garlands of fresh roses Top Notch Jewelry Y
37 wide arch Armadillo Crush Strength game Y
37 a dark iron door Abandoned Dragon Shield, weapons and jewelry with gem slot (new shop!) Y
37 velvet-draped arch Empty Settings Jewelry with gem slot (new shop!) Y
38 wheel-shaped door Reinventing the Wheel Caravans(new shop!)
38 large pumpkin-hued arch Boggle Blast Boggle shooting game Y
38 decoratively enameled door Dark Symphony Bard only (new items!) Y
39 pink and purple door Tastelessly Tacky Clothing Y
39 a steel door A Quick Bite Meat storage items (new shop!)
39 a rusted door Quiver in Fear Quivers, fletching pouches(new shop!) Y
39 a white door Flower Power Flower themed weapons and armor(new shop!) Y
40 steel door painted in colorful swirls Sindah's Silk Sensations Silk clothing
40 small metal door Puffindor's Tantalizing Taffy Taffy -- Part of Contest (new shop!) Y
40 gaudy golden door One Man's Trash Damaged items - dolls, toys, cloaks(new shop!) Y
41 silver metal door painted with an image of the heavens Treasures of the Spirit Gem pouches Y
42 rusted metal door Ravetherin's Fabulous Fruits Fruit Candy -- Part of Contest(new shop!) Y
42 round manhole Porly's Emporlyum Firework Making, Containers Y
42 soot-stained door Fires of Autumn House fireplaces YY
43 canvas-covered booth Snookie's Divine Spoons Souvenir spoons and holders Y
43 stained glass door Shimmers of Silver Clothing, Gweth/backpack/belt pouch hiding items Y
43 warped wood door Amylia's Attic Battered clothing, jewelry and armor, Housing Y
44 opulent booth screened off by a beaded curtain Q'tahhl's Place Tailbands Y
44 sagging black door Disenchantments Break-up clothing Y
45 leather door flap Jhiskar's Provisions Fletching tools Y
45 ebonwood door Visions of Holiness God-themed weapons and items Y
46 glass door decorated with a fan of tobacco leaves Cloudwalker's Smoke Shop Tobacco Y
46 dark door Crafty Cloaks Cloaks Y
46 shabby door Once Possessed Clothing, Toys, Armor, Housing Y
47 door draped with colorful pennants Hollow Bellies Food Y
47 multicolored beaded doorway Eclectic Eccentric Clothing Y
47 hairy door Ready to Were Mechanical toys YY
48 metal door Heavenly Entrances Ornaments for door-style housing Y
48 carved ebony door Frisky Portaits Moving paintings for houses YY
48 deep black door painted with silvery cobwebs Obscure Memories (requires a light) (new items) Y
49 metal door Amulets by Liathe Amulets (new items) Y
49 rusted doorway Darsam's Drifters Floating Spooky jewelry (new items) Y
49 sugar-coated door I'll Eat My Hat Food-colored clothing (new shop!) Y
49 columned entryway Uwresari's Exotic Wonders Box o Gem game, jewelry, weapons(new shop!)
50 arched door Dark Dalliance Jewelry, Clothing Y
50 white cloth-covered doorway The Photash School of Butlery Butlers (pets) for houses YY
50 squat rusty metal door Thee Mottl'd Teoy Shoppe Toys(new shop!)
51 door with "Tookes' Nook" scrawled across the front Tookes's Nook Empath Shop, kits and jugglies (new items!) Y
51 brown door painted to resemble a gingerbread cookie Suite of Sweets Candy-shaped items and candy Y
51 branded mahogany door All Aquiver Quivers (new shop!) Y
51 steel door draped in white silk Peaceful Intentions Sheaths(new shop!) Y
52 steel door inlaid with swirls of anloral Soulful Trinkets Sacred pins YY
52 narrow rosewood door Just Desserts Containers with cakes inside (new items!) Y
52 simple metal door painted with pink rabbit Just a slice Weapons and armor(new shop!) Y
53 rough opening Leftovers Bone armor, weapons, and items (new items!) Y
53 black iron door Haunted House Spooky housing items YY
53 doorway curtained with colorful glass beads Pi'rasha's Pins Cloaks and cloak pins Y
53 small booth draped with braided yarn Snacky Hapiness Knitted clothing and comfort food(new shop!) Y
54 beaded curtain The House of Bones Bone furniture YY
54 broad iron doorframe with large rusted rivets Smokes 'n' Spirits Tobacco products Y
54 mural-painted door Hero to Go Armor, weapons and lanterns Y
Hidden  ? Thick as Thieves Thief only
Wandering Daelus's Entrances and Exits Wandering teacher of stylish entrances and exits from the game YY