Porly's Emporlyum (2)

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Porly's Emporlyum
Event Hollow Eve Festival 399
Owner Porly
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Trinket shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Porly's Emporlyum, Insider Da Spider]
Interesting objects abound in the boxes, crates and barrels that lie scattered around the corners of the store. A dark black sign crudely fashioned into the shape of a spider hangs on the far wall. You also see a sturdy strongbox covered with splotches of color with several things on it, a round manhole, a grass-lined wicker basket, a box full of mixing canisters, a jar full of sticky wands, a chest of hollow cones, a trunk of hollow cylinders, a tray of sticky parchment, a sack of wax stoppers and a large crate full of eelskin-stuffed creels.
Obvious exits: none.

A dark black spider-shaped sign reads:

     PorLy's SPIDUR EmPorLyum
    Gud Stuff for Gud Custumerz

On the sturdy strongbox
Item Price Done
jug of silver dust 10,824   No
jug of white dust 10,824   No
jug of yellow dust 10,824   No
jug of blue dust 10,824   No
jug of red dust 10,824   No
In the wicker basket
Item Price Done
white cotton daisy pouch 4,510   !!
black leather eghmok moss pouch 4,510   !!
muslin seolarn weed sack 6,765   !!
brown burlap georin grass pouch 4,510   !!
oilcloth wildflower sack 6,765   !!
soft leather rose petal satchel 6,765   !!
In the wooden box
Item Price Done
mixing canister 7,216   !!
In the case
Item Price Done
wand packet 1,443   No
In the container
Item Price Done
cone crate 1,443   No
In the bucket
Item Price Done
cylinder carton 1,443   No
In the bin
Item Price Done
parchment envelope 14,432   No
In the crate
Item Price Done
stopper box 1,443   No
In the crate
Item Price Done
eelskin-stuffed creel - Contains length of eel skin 36,080   !!