Basimah's (2)

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Event Hollow Eve Festival 399
Owner Basimah
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Container shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Basimah's, Sales Room]
This tent is fashioned of supple leather that has weathered to shades of rich gold, the seams double-stitched with dark sinew thongs. Heavy bronze harness bells on ropes of braided, brightly-colored cotton are hung on the walls, and thick sheepskins are scattered across the floors. Etched copper lanterns set high in the corners fill the room with the scent of jasmine oil. You also see a sandalwood rack with some stuff on it, a teakwood rack with some stuff on it, an ivory rack with some stuff on it and the tent flap.

the sandalwood rack
Item Price Done
white lacewood crossbow set with a fluted black ivory boltplate 39,062   
black laquered bamboo crossbow with ivory endtips 11,562   
layered tei'oloh crossbow with a silk-wrapped ebony stock 528,950   !!!!
copperleaf dako'gi crossbow set with a bone scrimshaw boltplate 150,006   
the teakwood rack
Item Price Done
polished driftwood crossbow inlaid with rows of gleaming shark teeth 197,093   No
ch'oi crossbow overlaid with patterned white horn 218,062   No
bamboo and polished horn crossbow 187,437   No

the ivory rack
Item Price Done
sandalwood bow carved with a pattern of running lions ?   No
silk-strung hirdu bow ?   !!
amberwood flight bow wrapped in gilded leather ?   No
red and gold lacquered siyah bow ?   No

[Basimah's, Alcove]
Dark leather hung from heavy teak poles would leave this room in shadows if not for the rows of candles in ornate brass and copper stands that are set on long tables lining the walls. The room is businesslike and unadorned, leaving customers to focus on the selection of weapons displayed on racks and stands. Low chairs crafted of wood and kidskin give buyers a place to settle and haggle. You also see an ebony stand with some stuff on it, a silverwood rack with some stuff on it and an etched glass case with some stuff on it.

the ebony stand
Item Price Done
dark shagreen fletching pouch clasped with an etched shark's tooth 1,082   !!
rich brown seal-skin quiver 1,353   !!
split bamboo quiver set with rows of cowrie shells 992   !!
slim cane arrows 1,132   !!
leafhead bolts 1,150   !!
the glass case
Item Price Done
rounded chunks of coral ?   No
razored throwing dagger hilted with high-relief gold inlay 3,192   No
gold throwing dagger with a crescent-etched blade 2,663   No
double-edged bird knife with a copper-highlighted blade 4,345   No
mosaic damascene throwing dagger 3,881   No
twisted damascene throwing dagger 4,067   !!