Signs of the Times (2)

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Signs of the Times
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403
Owner Darix
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Signs of the Times]
Constructed of rough, paint-splattered wood, the hastily assembled stall with its leaning walls and crooked floor seems to be fairly sturdy, and might even hold up to a light breeze. A grumpy-faced Gnome stands behind the durable worktable located towards the back of the room, glancing up occasionally from his reading to glare balefully at the customers. Several buckets and crates line the walls, displaying the wares in haphazard fashion.
You also see a large notice hanging on the wall and the exit.
Obvious exits: none.

Carved into the elaborate wooden notice are the words:

"The signs 
for sale in this stall are reusable and designed to stand on the 
ground for use while you are in the room.  You will need to CLEAN 
your sign occassionally while it is out, so that it does not 
disintegrate and the janitor will leave it alone.  Enjoy your 
browsing and remember to leave the Gnome alone.  --Thank you.  
In the dirt-filled bucket
Item Price Done
large sign that reads "CAUTION: SNIPERS" 4,510   
red and white sign that reads "TRIAGE AREA" 4,510   No
bold sign that reads "POACHERS WILL BE PROSECUTED" 4,510   
black sign with red letters that reads "NO TRESPASSING" 4,510   
blue sign that reads "DEAD BODY DROP-OFF" 4,510   
In the lopsided bucket
Item Price Done
green sign that reads "TIPS ACCEPTED" 4,510   
red sign that reads "NO TIPS ALLOWED" 4,510   No
weatherboard sign that reads "QUIET PLEASE" 4,510   No
white-lettered black sign that reads "TIPS REQUIRED" 4,510   No
bright wooden sign that reads "APPLAUSE PLEASE" 4,510   No

In the rusted crate
Item Price Done
round sign painted like an archery target 4,510   
plain sign that reads "A CLUTTERED AREA IS A SIGN OF GENIUS" 4,510   No
long white sign that reads "FINISH LINE" 4,510   No
rectangular sign that reads "CHECKPOINT" 4,510   No
bright green sign that reads "STARTING PLACE" 4,510   No
In the rickety crate
Item Price Done
elongated sign that reads "LOCKSMITH ON DUTY" 4,510   No
professionally painted sign that reads "TRADER ON DUTY" 4,510   No
charred sign that reads "CAUTION: FIRE MAGE AT WORK" 4,510   No
boulder-shaped sign that reads "FLYING ROCK ZONE" 4,510   No
hive-shaped sign that reads "BUZZ OFF: SWARM IN USE" 4,510   
On the durable worktable
Item Price Done
blank sign 45,100   !!
A note card reads:
The blank sign available for purchase in this crate includes a custom sign design by the merchant Darix. No guarantees of when he will arrive for custom sign-work. Darix reserves the right to refuse your design if he deems it inappropriate.