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First Age

The Endian Nation was formed by the Luethra in the First Age. It spanned the Albarian continent, was ruled by Azhjam, and was seated at Albabriddlaen. These years were also a formative period for the Luethran justice system.

Second Age

During the Luethran Second Age, the Endian Nation turned outward, allying with the Elves, and later the Gnomes.

These close ties with their northen neighbors would lead to intermittent hostilities with the Adamantia, who blockaded the northern trade routes into Kermoria. With northern trade declining, the Luethrans turned their attentions south to the newly arrived gnomes, including a lasting treaty with the Cip'uja tribe.

It is during this time, the Luethrans also turned to the seas, settling Pi'Qanah, the Irasushen Islands, and M'Riss. These colonies enabled a restoration of trade with the Elves, unhindered by Dwarven influence.

Third Age

The Third Age marked the Golden Age of the Endian Nation and the Luethran peoples. Architecture, Arts, Engineering and Magic, flourished during this time. By now, the Endian Nation covered nearly the entirety of Albaria.

Two major new cities were founded during the early years of the Third Age: New Albabriddlaen, and Avaev the Waterfall City was founded near Shaerek lands.

Contact and later treaties were formed with the Nirejis, who dwelt in the far western Albarian forests. Signing the Nireji-Endian Treaty, the Luethrans withdrew from a portion of the western Albarian forests.

Avaev grows in significance during this period, serving as a crossroads for trade and commerce between the Gnomes in the south, the Nirejis in the west, the Shaerek in the north, and the Luethrans in the east. A school is founded in Avaev by Siyasartu Jelonci, increasing the city's stature as students flock to the city to learn from him.

Avaev and New Albabriddlaen are linked by a newly constructed aqueduct, supplying both with fresh water from the mountains.

The Celestial Temple is constructed and becomes a center of learning in the Endian Nation.

During this time, Luethran mages developed and refined teleportation techniques, while the gnome Giblor develops the telescope.

A sickness kills Azhjam Rasman, signaling the end of the Golden Age.

Gorbesh History

Word of battle between two Gorbesh tribes, the Ilat and the Lakixeq reaches the Endian Nation.

Fourth Age

The Rasman Plague sweeps through the Endian Nation, devastating the Luethran population. Aid is sought from both the Dwarves and the Elves in Kermoria, and the island colonies, save M'Riss, collapse. Around this time, the Ocular first appear in Albaria's southwestern reaches.

Nuar Deiva founds the Rasman Sect, venerating death, and around this time the Rasman Plague dies down. This leads the Rasman Sect to attempt wrestling power from the Azhjam. The plague returns, and ultimately the Rasman Sect gains control over the Endian Nation.

Shortly thereafter, construction of the City of the Dead begins, along with the closing off of the Luethran peoples. Contact with Kermoria slows, and the Bosueq, Opirks, and Cip'uja Gnomes are placed under restriction. This policy eventually leads to the borders closing, and the remaining colony on M'Riss abandoned.

A royalist movement starts in New Albabriddlaen, and as it gains power, the Rasman Sect is challenged in battle. This is the first time since the Second Age when Luethran has killed Luethran, and it eventually erupts into the Luethra Civil War. The Cip'uja side with the Royalists.

In the southwest, the Ocular begin gathering their strength, while Avaev is nearly destroyed by fighting between the Luethrans. However, Nirejian, Gnomic, and Shaerekian fighters repel the Luethrans. During this period, the Royalists gain the upper hand against the Rasman Sect.

The Sruhos va Tlo'oe gnomes come under Ocular attack and are eventually slaughtered.

As the Rasman Sect is forced back into the City of the Dead the new Azhjam is assassinated and his son takes his place. Eventually the Sect is sealed in the city and the Royalists regain control over the mostly destroyed Endian Nation.

It is in this period that Xin'Alaudas is born to one of the Gorbesh tribes.

Gorbesh History

A joint offensive by the Ilat and Beuven tribes proceed to route the Lakixeq.

Eventually, Xin'Alaudas is born, and set adrift in the Lakiidas Sea at the age of two.

He returns to Albaria in a massive ship, and is proclaimed a hero and fulfiller of prophecies by Gorbesh prophets. The Lakixeq tribe is taken over by Xin'Alaudas, and the Beuven and Ilat follow shortly there after.

Nearly all the Gorbesh come under Xin'Alaudas's rule in this period, and construction begins in the central-eastern Albarian forests.

At the city of Eimitek the Gorbesh meet with the Iyqaromos gnomes, and forge a treaty. The gnomes integrate with the Gorbesh, and their lands are unified.

A period of Gorbesh expansion begins, resulting at first in clashes with the Luethrans and eventually the Luethra-Gorbesh War erupts.

The culminating battle happens near New Albbabridlaen, and the Azhjam is slain by Xin'Alaudas when attempting to flee the field. The city is captured, and in 1385 BL, the last of the Endian Nation falls to the Gorbesh.