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The Luethra are a long-lived, advanced race. Their civilization, the Endian Nation, began around the same time as the Elves and Dwarves -- while the latter two controlled and were for the most part the sole occupants of Kermoria for much of early history, the Luethra held the same stature on Albaria. Even after the coming of other races in the south, the Luethras remained the dominant race for a considerable time, and this period of domination over Albaria is divided into four ages. Their civilization is long since fallen now, though, and we know little about them and how they actually lived save that their lifespans were comparable to the Elven/Dwarven lifespans, that they were magically powerful, and that they had a keen interest in astrology.

The Luethra had contact with the Dwarves, Elves, gnomic tribes, the Gorbesh, Nirejis, Ocular, and the Shaerek.