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Late in the Luethran Second Age, the Iyqaromos broke from the Endian-Gnomic Treaty, following in the footsteps of the Sruhos va Tlo'oe, and breaking with the Cip'uja who had more fully joined the Endian Nation.

Near the end of the Luethran Fourth Age, the Iyqaromos met with the newly emergent Gorbesh in Eimitek, who were rising to challenge the Luethra under the leadership of Xin'Alaudas. Upon ratification, the Iyqaromos leave their lands for Gorbesh cities, and their lands become Gorbesh lands.

In 1350 BL, a gnomic scholar translates an ancient Luethran text, detailing the existance of island colonies. The Fist of Alaudas is tasked in discovering these colonies.

With the Bosueq, Cip'uja and Opirks under increasing attack by the Ocular, the Iyqaromos petition Emperor Iseum to protect their kin. The request is granted in 1348 BL, and the Cip'uja and Opirks come under Gorbesh protection as independent entities.

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