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A piece of Trader Jewelry (also called an extended trader appraisal item) is an item that has extra information about the materials and craftmanship of the item. These pieces of extra information are more difficult to obtain and therefore also reward more appraisal experience. With enough skill, one can distinguish the name of the crafter of a particular item; with less skill it's possible to know only the skill and type of crafter.

A piece of trader jewelry can be distinguished by this line in the appraisal:

The contract case is obviously a specially made item.


The old system has 10 quality levels, 10 types of workmanship, and 57 gems or metals.

Crossing trader shop

On the jewelry armoire:

In the jeweler's cabinet:

Ratha Trader Guild

Quite possible everything in the side room, such as:


On October 13th, 2011, Arnimas released a new version of trader appraisal items that have 21 quality levels, 70 types of workmanship, and 350 substances.

Crossing Trader Guild

Muspar'i Trader Guild

Ratha Trader Guild

  • The one on the ledge
  • The one on the peg

Hollow Eve Festival 403

The lunchboxes from Herb's Bakery:

Wilderness glade of Acaph's Acquisitions

Jewelry box from Quelling the Riot Quest

Akigwe's Legacy: Secrets of the Tower Quest

Guildfest 405

Everything from Sebastien's Fine Print; ledgers, ledger cases, and contract cases.

Breaking and Entering

The loot available in the Library from Breaking and Entering contains both thumb rings and contract cases that function as trader jewelry.

Complete List

ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Agate ring with a bronze serpentine bandTrader Shop (Crossing)true
Animite badge engraved with an outstretched handPremium rafflestrue
Archer's brace pad reinforced with bleached boneAcaph's Acquisitionstrue
Beautifully polished fang pearl beadstrue
Blue topaz wristletStone Soup
Bronze-painted tin lunchbox surmounted by a toothy gearHerb's Bakery
Burnished silver pendant in the shape of a whale's flukeVoi's Fine Heirlooms (2)
Carved jade necklace with polished bronze claspsTrader Shop (Crossing)
Crystal bracelet inlaid with precious stonesTrader Shop (Crossing)
Curved steel iltesh with a carved bone hiltTrader Shop (Muspar'i)
... further results

For additional items, see Trader jewelry.

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